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Mishou Kanako (美翔可南子 Mishō Kanako?) is Mai and Kazuya's mother. She is a professor of archaeology at a university, and as such she is often busy working and neglects her sleep or other necessities.



Kanako often looks disheveled and worn out due to how many hours she spends working. She has long black hair and wears glasses over her dark colored eyes.

Her casual attire usually consists of a white top partially tucked in, and comfortable, baggy grey pants with a pair of socks. 


Kanako is very friendly and wise, and she treats friends of her children very considerately. She wants her children to succeed and can be stern if she needs to be, but she is shown lacking their responsible traits and is likely to neglect her own needs because she gets so focused on her current tasks or projects. It's not uncommon of her to pass out or become clumsy from a lack of sleep.


Usually she comes home late at night, and in the past it was said that she would come home after Mai went to bed.



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