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Misumi Rie (美墨 理恵 Misumi Rie?) (or Glenda Blackstone in the English dub) is the mother of Nagisa and Ryouta, married to Misumi Takashi. She is very dedicated to her family and loves her husband and two children. In the past she often went camping with her husband.



Rie is an adult woman with light skin and big, dark brown eyes to match her short hair, which frames her face. Normally she wears a pale beige collared top with pale grey, denin short pants, and pale beige sandals.


Like Nagisa, she is shown to be easily angered at times- usually because of Nagisa, and she usually ends up lecturing her for being lazy, doing poorly in school, or for picking on Ryouta. But she also dearly loves and supports her family and would do anything for them.




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