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Misumi Ryouta (美墨 亮太 Misumi Ryōta?) (Ryan Blackstone in the English dub) is a character in Futari wa Pretty Cure. A part of the Misumi family, he is Nagisa's younger brother. He often seems to annoy his sister Nagisa and as a result becomes a target for a wrestling hold called the "Cobra Twist". He also seems to have a crush on Honoka, despite him being in elementary school. In Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart it is revealed that he plays badminton, in almost the same way that his sister plays lacrosse. He worries about his sister, since he sometimes hears her talking to Mepple and thinks she may be talking to herself or she's just being plain weird.


Ryouta is mostly like any other little brother; gets into arguments with his sister, tries to do school work (though with about as much success as Nagisa), and wants to show his parents he can be responsible. He also develops a crush on Honoka, always unfavorably comparing Nagisa to her.

Despite their regular squabbles, Nagisa and Ryouta care about each other very much, and Nagisa protected him when they were at an aquarium, and helped him to run an errand for their parents.


Ryouta shares a normal brother-sister relationship with Nagisa, whom he often argues with, he also thinks that when he is with Nagisa he thinks she might embarrass him. They still deeply care for each other, and Nagisa will always protect him no matter what. In Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, Ryouta once calls Nagisa a dictator when they have to do all the chores by themselves.

Ryouta's relationship with his parents is quite normal too. He seems to want them to trust him to do things, and often runs to his mom for protection whenever Nagisa gets really angry at him.


  • He can read manga at an extremely fast pace, as seen in episode 8 of Futari wa Pretty Cure.


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