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Miyamoto Kanako (宮本 佳那子 Miyamoto Kanako?) is a minor character from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and appears in episode 40, along with Kudou Mayu, her best friend.



Kanako has big, light brown eyes with a slight curve an medium-long brown hair worn in a pair of twin-tails held by pale blue ribbon. Additionally, she is smaller than Mayu. Like other students, she wears the school uniform of L'École des Cinq Lumières Middle School.


Kanako is very energetic, bright, and sometimes impulsive, as shown when she startled Mayu after suddenly jumping forward while speaking to Minazuki Karen and the other girls.


Kanako and Mayu find a student's lost shoe in a school's garden and go to the student council's president, Karen, to report this. When Karen asks them where they found it, Kanako answered her before they left.



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