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Mizushima Aya (水島アヤ Mizushima Aya?) is the president of the gardening club at Myoudou Academy which Hanasaki Tsubomi attends, and has made a single appearance in the seasonHPC22. Believing that every flower she touches wilts, this is the source of her wilting Heart Flower. Her Heart Flower is the Sasanqua, meaning "unyielding love".



Aya has short brown hair and eyes, worn behind a pair of glasses. She is normally depicted in an outfit similar to school gym wear, paired with pale blue socks, white sneakers, a pale yellow scarf, and a straw hat with a pale cyan band.


Aya is very clumsy and tends to have crybaby tendencies. She believes herself to be very unlucky but has a passion for flowers despite her concerns she isn't very good at taking care of them.


Aya first appears as she takes a wheelbarrow of dirt for the gardening club, but accidentally starts to uncontrollably chase Tsubomi and Erika around a fountain. She starts to cry, and although stopping, again cries when Tsubomi apologizes for not attending the gardening club activities last time, thinking Tsubomi is a great person. When she finds out that Tsubomi is the granddaughter of the famous Hanasaki Kaoruko, she begs her to let her see her in hopes that she will help her become better at taking care of flowers. When meeting her idol, she admits her doubts in herself, but Kaoruko explains that it is boring to only see her mistakes and that she must use her love for flowers to care for them, not thinking that she is a failure.

The next day, Myoudouin Itsuki comes to the gardening club with a request: to grow green curtains for the school. Aya accepts it and feels her confidence grow as they work on it. However, a typhoon starts during the evening, and so Aya meets with other volunteers to protect the curtains. While thinking it is over, she sees a small part of curtain wilt, she loses the confidence and runs away, hating herself for letting it die. Kumojaki, seeing her wilting Heart Flower, uses this to create a Desertrian. After waking up when purified by Pretty Cure, Tsubomi convinces her that the plant Aya saw is not dead, because of steam was still there. The news makes Aya get her confidence and hope back yet again.


  • The title and the summary for the episode before release made viewers think that Aya was supposed to be mistaken for the third Cure. However, this was never mentioned, instead, the fairies just mentioned that the third Cure would most likely love flowers, as well (again misleading, as Itsuki does not love nor hate flowers), and Potpourri merely felt the light of Pretty Cure inside of Itsuki at the very end of the episode.
  • She shares the same first name with Ikeda Aya, another supporting character of this season.
  • Her voice actress, Shiraishi Ryouko, also voiced Hino Genki, in Smile Pretty Cure!.


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