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Mizushima Mitsuyoshi (水嶌みつよし Mizushima Mitsuyoshi?) is a minor character who appears in KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode. He works for "Tategami Konzern" and serves as Aoi's butler and caretaker.


He is usually seen in the typical butler attire, consisting of black tails, slacks, and shoes, a white shirt with a gray bow tie and vest, and white gloves. He has short black hair and blue eyes, as well as glasses.


Mitsuyoshi is highly professional and responsible as a butler. He, however, also came off as conservative, believing that Aoi, being the heiress of her family business, shouldn’t be playing rock music. Deep down, Mitsuyoshi does greatly cares for Aoi, and is respectful of her ambition as a rock star.


Before the beginning of the series, Mitsuyoshi used to be an orphan, until he got adopted by the Tategami family. Since then, he grew up with Aoi and formed a close bond with her.

He first appears in episode 14, making a sudden appearance at Aoi's concert with Wild Azur. He leaps onto the stage and picks up Aoi before carrying her away, leaving her guitar behind. Later on, the other Cures investigate why he did that and learned that Aoi was born into a rich family and Mitsuyoshi wants her to quit music and the patisserie to become a more refined lady, much to Aoi's objections. During the dinner party, he slowly starts to warm up to Aoi's love for playing rock music when her band makes a surprise appearance. However, Julio crashes the party and steals the Kirakiraru of her bandmates and the guests, including Mitsuyoshi. During that battle, it was shown that he actually enjoyed Aoi's song, hence why his Kirakiraru wasn't exactly stolen, and Gelato uses its strength to overpower Julio. After the guests had their Kirakiraru restored, Aoi convinces Mitsuyoshi to allow her to keep going to the KiraKira Patisserie and Wild Azur, and he agrees, as long as Aoi continues to do well in school.

In episode 42, at Wild Azur’s farewell concert, he accompanied his boss, who then entitled him as the successor of Tategami Konzern, much to his surprise.


  • Tategami Aoi - Mitsuyoshi grew up with Aoi, thus they have a relatively close relationship. At first, he pretended to object Aoi from pursuing her music career, but when he was unconscious, the ripples of Soul Believer remained in his Kirakiraru, hinting his hidden support towards her, and after regaining consciousness, he permitted her.



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