メビウス Mebiusu
SeasonFresh Pretty Cure!
RelativesToymajin (brother)
First AppearanceFPC01
Japanese Voice ActorNishimura Tomomichi

Moebius (メビウス Mebiusu?) is the leader of Labyrinth and the main antagonist of Fresh Pretty Cure! who wishes to rule all worlds, thinking of all his subjects to be only mindless pawns.


While ruling Labyrinth, Moebius' ego grew, believing that all dimensions should be ruled under him with no will or emotion. He grants Eas, Westar, and Soular their items and sent into the dimension of the Pretty Cure to gather sorrow and find Infinity, so he will have the power to rule all dimensions.

In episode 49, it is revealed that the Moebius seen through the majority of the series is a robot the entire time. The real Moebius is a supercomputer that hypnotized its creators; ie. the people of Labyrinth.


  • He is the only villain to be a supercomputer.
  • His name is a reference to Moebius strip.
  • Unlike the other main villains, Moebius was not defeated by the Cures. Rather, he destroyed himself.


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