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モエルンバ Moerunba
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorYellow/Orange
Home PlaceDark Fall
First AppearanceFwPCSS08
Theme ColorOrange
Japanese Voice ActorNanba Keiichi

Moerumba (モエルンバ Moerunba?) is the second enemy from Dark Fall in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star. After Karehan fails and returns to his natural element, Moerumba begins to fight with Cure Bloom and Cure Egret.

A lover of the dance, Moerumba often dances around and has a certain feminine vibe to him and has a habit of sprinkling Spanish into his common speech (mostly "cha cha cha", "cha cha", "olé", "señor", "señorita"). He also speaks a little English (mostly "come on", "it's show time", "show time").

Being the element of fire and guard of the Fountain of Fire, Moerumba tends to rush headfirst into battle.


A figure of the flames. Wearing what looks to be a crimson red body suit with purple-white skin and orange-red eyes with what looks to be darker red eyebrows. His hair resembles fire and is bright orange with streaks of yellow. He has pointed ears with green diamond earrings. and he wears green flame-like armor pieces over his body suit/outfit. When up close, what looks to be purple lipstick can be seen on his lips.


Moerumba appears to capture Flappy and Choppy for the location of the Fountain of Sun. First Moerumba appears to be lurking around Saki and Mai one day after the defeat of Karehan. He appears first as Mai is comforting Minori after she runs away from home that following evening and tries to attack, only to be stopped by Saki momentarily. He summons an Uzaina and (after being nearly crushed in the process) begins to attack the girls.

After a few failed attempts to recover the Fountain of Trees, as well as the Fountain of Sun, Goyan informs him that its been quite a while and Akudaikan is growing impatient with him. It is then he informs Goyan that he is finally becoming serious from this point on. He then threatens to throw Choppy and Flappy into the chilly ocean waters unless they reveal the Fountain of Sun to him. Still failing, Moerumba used two Uzainas at once to try to defeat the Pretty Cures, but during the battle he is caught in Cure Bloom and Cure Egret's Twin Stream Splash and fades away. Later Asuka, a glass sculptor, made a glass statue of him, saying she saw him in her dreams. She briefly leaves Saki and Mai alone and during that time, the statue melts. The Cures comment he might have gone back to what he was.

Moerumba returns in episode 41 along with Karehan after Goyan steals the Fairy Charafe and revives him. He is very happy to see Karehan, but the latter isn't really amused by that. Both team up and nearly defeat the Cures, but during the fight they start arguing with each other about who should be the one to defeat them first and Goyan takes them back to Dark Fall.

His last appearance is in episode 43 where he teams up with Kintoleski. They hunt Michiru and Kaoru, since those two betrayed Dark Fall and succeed in cornering them, but soon Saki and Mai arrive and confront them. He is defeated for good after his powers are nullified by Michiru and Kaoru and the Cures hit him with Spiral Heart Splash attack.


Moerumba - from "moe" (燃え), which means to burn, and rumba is a type of dance, which fits with Moerumba's dancing and Spanish theme.



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