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Mogumogu (もぐもぐ?) is Kagayaki Homare's rescued puppy.


Mogumogu is a floppy-eared dog with white fur and dark brown eyes. He is always seen wearing a green collar around his neck.


Sometime before the events of episode 4, Mogumogu was a stray dog who was wandering through a tunnel when a truck almost ran him over. Homare sees this and runs toward him to rescue him. Just then, the time stop caused by Hugtan's crying occurred, giving Homare enough time to get Mogumogu out of the way before the truck made any impact.


Mogumogu is generally an amicable and loyal dog, though he came off as bashful and was a slow learner.


"Mogu Mogu" (もぐもぐ?) is a Japanese term, meaning "'to chew".


  • Kagayaki Homare - His owner. In HuPC28, it's clear that he's able to recognize Homare being Cure Etolie and admires her.


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