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Mother Heart (マザー・ハート Mazā Hāto?) is a mysterious, divine being in HUGtto! Pretty Cure. She appears to come from the Mirai Crystal White.


Mother Heart is first seen in the season in episode 20. In that episode, Mother Heart appears during a conflict between Ruru Amour and Aisaki Emiru. Their initial problem is that both of them want to become a Pretty Cure, but only one PreHeart is left. While Cure Yell is fighting against an Oshimaida, Ruru asks Emiru to become a Pretty Cure, but Emiru insists that Ruru be the one who uses the PreHeart instead. Then, Mother Heart appears in front of the two, creating a new PreHeart as well as hugging the both of them. With that, the two girls both gain the power to become Pretty Cures.

She later appears again in episode 39, where Listol and Cure Yell are fighting. Cure Yell, who refuses to give up on her future, yells out her desire to preserve tomorrow. Yell's determination reawakens the power of the White Mirai Crystal, which summons Mother Heart. Listol recognizes her and even calls out her name in surprise. With the help of Mother Heart, the five Cures gain new forms and perform Tomorrow With Everyone for the first time.


Mother Heart has a ghostly appearance. She is gigantic and entirely gold-colored. Her hair is incredibly long and has a giant bun at the top. She wears a tiara, earrings, a necklace, a cape, and a two-layered gown with a belt that has a heart on the front. Her eyes have no pupils or irises.


As mentioned before, Mother Heart helps Emiru and Ruru when they want to become Pretty Cures but have only one PreHeart left. Mother Heart then appears in front of the two and creates a second PreHeart to allow them both to be Pretty Cures. Additionally, Mother Heart appears during the attack Tomorrow With Everyone. Her powers and her illusion are sent towards the enemy, purifying the target.



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