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Ms. Shitataare (ミズシタターレ Mizu Shitatāre?) is a villain who appears in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star. She is the fourth element from the Dark Fall, who controls water and guards the Fountain of Water.



Ms. Shitataare is a dark-skinned woman with solid blue eyes and no pupils. She has silver hair, the back of her hair is curled on each side, and the top is a beehive. Her attire is a hanfu mixed with a high slit dress, with the addition of marabou down feather trimming. It gathers a variety of blue colors, like turquoise and dark blue, and some purples on her stockings and sash.

She also wears yellow baby doll heels and drop-shaped green jewelry. Her head is framed from behind by a ruff designed like a hand fan.

Her make-up consists of red lipstick, blue markings on her cheeks and pink eyeshadow.

In her human form, her eyes have pupils and she can change the color of her hair, black or blonde were shown.

Design Commentary

The hanfu is the traditional dress of the Han Chinese. Marabou is fashion trimming made out of the down feathers of the african Marabou stork. While China, Japan and other countries use fur in their traditional clothing, marabou is associated with glamourous 50s actresses such as Marilyn Monroe, with the baby dolls also emerging in said time period. The beehive hairstyle was developed in 1960. The high slit dress became popular in the 70s, and Shitataare's baby dolls have the thick sole of platform heels.

A hand fan has the purpose of cooling oneself, fitting with her water motif. The marabou used on her fan and hanfu is supposed to resemble sea foam.


Ms. Shitataare has a stubborn personality and a high-pitched laugh. She favors disguises and trickery to spy on the Cures and capture their fairy partners. She is also sharp tongued, but cannot take insults or Saki getting her name wrong without snapping at her.

She is a natural performer and competitive. She was willing to "help" the Cures when they are in trouble due to Goyan, as she considers herself the only one allowed to defeat them, and doesn't want anyone else to do it.FwPCSS30 She does various jobs skillfully even if they are merely disguises. She also competes with Kintoleski over the title of strongest in Dark Fall, and when he tells her that she has no muscles, she is offended by it, even trying to counter it by showing off her arms to him.


  • Goyan - Personality wise, they are similar. When Shitataare dons her disguises, she often runs into Goyan, in disguise himself. She likes to call him "Gō-chan", which annoys him. If he gets in her way of defeating the Cures, she isn't afraid to sabotage him, however.
  • Kintoleski - Ms. Shitataare has a rivalry with fellow member Kintoleski, competing over the title of being the strongest Dark Fall member. However, in episode 45 she finds out that Kintoleski has feelings for her. He finally admits this to her before they get defeated, praising her as a strong warrior.
  • Moerumba - In Pretty Cure All Stars DX 2, the two team up against Tsubomi and Erika and fight against the Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! Cures. In the second Pretty Cure Dream Story bonus manga, they appear together again. They have formed some sort of "villain girl group" with Regine and Viblis, and crash an event contest dressed like brazilian carnival dancers. Afterwards, having won the contest, they have a toast together to celebrate going on a luxury cruise trip.


The katakana of "Ms./Miss" (ミズ) are romanized as "mizu"; this is a pun with the Japanese word "Mizu" (水), which means "water".

"Shitataare" is a reference to "shitataru" (滴る) which means "dripping"


Ms Shitataare first appears after Hyuuga Saki and Mishou Mai revive the Fountain of Sky. She's very strong compared to the others.FwPCSS24 Throughout all their encounters, Saki mostly gets her name wrong, angering her. Most of her schemes to get Pretty Cure involve her element of water that she can manipulate to turn into ice or gas. She also likes to wear disguises and many times she captures Foop and Moop.

Ms. Shitataare appears as a villain in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 2: Kibou no Hikari - Rainbow Jewel o Mamore!.

Shitataare returns again in Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3: Eien no Tomodachi, along with the other Splash Star antagonists as cameos, but only in Saki's dream.




  • Shitataare shares her voice actress with Ribbon from Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! series.
  • Saki calls her "Ms. Snotty-taare" (ハナミズターレ Hanamizu Tāre?) on many occasions. "Hanamizu" (鼻水?) is Japanese for "runny nose".


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