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Mushiban (ムシバーン Mushibān?) is the main villain in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!: Okashi no Kuni no Happy Birthday!. He is the man behind Coco's brainwashing and the guy giving orders his subordinates Dry and Bitter to eliminate the Pretty Cures. His motive is to take over the Dessert Kingdom by brainwashing Queen Dessert so that he can eat delicious sweets, which are the Yes! Cures with their mascots.



Mushiban is a man with long magenta hair, has maroon moustache and eyebrows, and auburn eyes. He wears a long dark green cloak with purple-greenish upper part. He wears a metallic armor.


Mushiban is a misguided individual who loved eating sweets but was starting to not get the satisfaction he desired. He even thought manipulating others would provide him with said satisfaction. He didn't understand what it meant to share things until his death.


  • Queen Dessert: Before fighting Milky Rose, Mushiban respected Queen Dessert despite putting her into a deep sleep. In fact, none of his attacks were aimed at her.


Mushiban's name is a play on "mushiba" (虫歯 tooth decay?).


Before the Movie

It is unknown where Mushiban originally comes from, as he does not have the trademark animal ears that the inhabitants of the Dessert Kingdom have. However, he later explains how he used to eat all kind of delicious sweets in the kingdom, but it never tasted special. Wanting answers, he brainwashed the Queen Dessert and two of her servants, Dry and Bitter, forcing Chocola to run and get help from the princes of Palmier Kingdom and Pretty Cure.

Fighting The Cures

Hiding within the shadows, Mushiban is the man who orders Dry and Bitter to capture the Cures and eventually turn them into sweets to eat them. He, himself, uses Queen Dessert to capture Coco, Natts, Mimino Kurumi, Syrup and Mailpo, although he uses Coco for his plans to eliminate Cure Dream and turn her into chocolate.

During the battle, Mushiban is about to win until Cure Rouge, Cure Lemonade, Cure Mint and Cure Aqua defeat his subordinates. After Cure Dream breaks his control on Coco, Mushiban still doesn't understand their passion to eat sweets together as a group, and seeks Dessert Queen for answers. However, Chocola and Kurumi arrive and Chocola, seeing him hold her mother's hand, yells at him to not touch her. He lets go and accepts Kurumi's challenge, watching her transform into Milky Rose. The battle is even for a long time while Chocola tries to wake up her brainwashed mother, but eventually Mushiban wins the battle as the Dessert Queen awakens. As Mushiban prepares to finish them all off, Cure Dream and Coco interfere, followed by Cure Rouge, Cure Lemonade, Cure Mint and Cure Aqua.

His Defeat

Mushiban decides that if he cannot take over the Dessert Kingdom, he would destroy it. He easily overpowers the Pretty Cure, but with the Miracle Lights held by the inhabitants of the Dessert Kingdom, Cure Dream explains to Mushiban how everybody's support makes her unstoppable, and re-transforms herself into Shining Dream. As she summons her Starlight Fleuret, Mushiban uses his own saber to fight her. Shining Dream's abilities and everyone's hope overpowers him as she defeats Mushiban using Starlight Solution. As Mushiban is about to die, he realizes his mistake and how the sweets he ate never tasted special because he ate it alone, and finally fades into the light, while restoring the Dessert Kingdom back to normal.



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