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Music Princess Palace (ミュージックプリンセスパレス Myūjikku Purinsesu Paresu?) is a powerful item that the Cures in Go! Princess Pretty Cure first use in episode 30. It is used to perform the attack, Éclat Espoir and later Grand Printemps. In order for them to summon it, Pafu and Aroma have to be in their maid and butler forms. In episode 50, it turned back into Hope Kingdom's castle.


Haruka holding The Princess Palace.jpg

The Princess Palace is a music box with the form of Hope Kingdom's castle. At the middle of the white and gold base is a pale pink rotating platform with three pink etched keyholes surround a raised, fourth one surrounded by gold detail. To the side of this is a the light blue rotating piece with a pink etched knob and four small symbols representing each Cure. Surrounding the ballroom piece are two sets of differently shaped platforms or stairs with gold lining on each. Behind the spinning base are four designed panels coming in yellow, pink, red, and blue. Surrounding the blue translucent castle are pink shapes to accent the roof of each tower.


Premium Mode Cures.jpg

Along with the four Premium Dress Up Keys (Sakura, Sango, Ginga and Sun) the Princess Palace allows the four Princess Pretty Cures to access their last Mode Elegant, which provides them with their Premium dresses. They can also use the Music Princess Palace to perform their third group attack Éclat Espoir. In episode 39, the Cures unlocked their newest attack, Grand Printemps, thanks to the Royal Key. The palace also allows the Cures to use their new sub-attacks with the Premium keys. Flora can use Sakura Turbulence, Mermaid can use Coral Maelstrom, Twinkle can use Galaxy Chorus and Scarlet can use Scarlet Prominence. It also functions as a music box, as seen in episode 46.