Music Rondo (ミュージックロンド Myūjikku Rondo?) is both Cure Melody's and Cure Rhythm's purification attack in Suite Pretty Cure♪. The attack utilizes the Miracle Belltier and the Fantastic Belltier and their secondary Fairy Tones Miry and Fary.


SPC Cure Melody Performing Music Rondo

Tone Ring

Cure Melody calls upon Miry and Miry lends her power to Melody. Melody then snaps her fingers and summons two notes before she can combine them together, materializing it into the Miracle Belltier. She calls out the item's name and summons Miry, going into the tip of the Miracle Belltier as its power source and with the wave of the baton, she forms an energy ring and spins it on her waist before declaring the attack name. Melody then gathers the ring into the Miracle Belltier's tip and shoots it into the Negatone, hitting it directly. As the ring surrounds the Negatone with Purification Energy, Cure Melody waves the Miracle Belltier like a baton before she can jump and say "finale". A purification explosion occurs, purifying the Negatone back into a scattered note.

For Cure Rhythm, she calls upon Fary and Fary lends her power to Rhythm. It's the same as Cure Melody's attack, but in the end, she walks away instead of jumping.



Cure Melody: 奏でましょう、奇跡のメロディ! ミラクルベルティエ!
Cure Melody: おいで、ミリー!
Miry: ミミー!
Cure Melody: 翔けめぐれ、トーンのリング!プリキュア・ミュージックロンド!
Cure Melody: 三拍子! 1・2・3!フィナーレ!

Cure Rhythm: 刻みましょう、大いなるリズム!ファンタスティックベルティエ!
Cure Rhythm: おいで、ファリー!
Fary: ファファー!
Cure Rhythm: 翔けめぐれ、トーンのリング!プリキュア・ミュージックロンド!
Cure Rhythm: 三拍子! 1・2・3!フィナーレ!


Cure Melody: Kanademashō! Kiseki na merodī! Mirakuru Berutia!
Cure Melody: Oide, Miri!
Miry: Mimi!
Cure Melody: Kakemegure, tōn no ringu! Purikyua Myūjikku Rondo!
Cure Melody: San byōshi!! Fināre!

Cure Rhythm: Kizamimashō! Ōinaru rizumu! Fantasutikku Berutia!
Cure Rhythm: Oide, Fari!
Fary: Fafa!
Cure Rhythm: Kakemegure, tōn no ringu! Purikyua Myūjikku Rondo!
Cure Rhythm: San byōshi!! Fināre!

Literal Translation

Cure Melody: Let's play! Miraculous melody! Miracle Belltier!
Cure Melody: Come here, Miry!
Miry: Mimi!
Cure Melody: Fly forth, Tone Ring! Pretty Cure Music Rondo!
Cure Melody: 3/4 beat! 1...2...3! Finale!

Cure Rhythm: Let's engrave! Great rhythm! Fantastic Belltier!
Cure Rhythm: Come here, Fary!
Fary: Fafa!
Cure Rhythm: Fly forth, Tone Ring! Pretty Cure Music Rondo!
Cure Rhythm: 3/4 beat! 1...2...3! Finale!


  • In Music, a Rondo is a word that has been used in music in a number of ways, most often in reference to a musical form, but also to a character-type that is distinct from the form.
  • This is the first attack multiple Cures share that isn't a group attack.



Suite PreCure!~Attacke~Miracle Berthier!~Cure Melody

Suite PreCure!~Attacke~Miracle Berthier!~Cure Melody

Suite PreCure!~Attacke~Fantastic Berthier!~Cure Rhythm

Suite PreCure!~Attacke~Fantastic Berthier!~Cure Rhythm

PreCure Music Rondo Dual

PreCure Music Rondo Dual

Music Rondo Cure Melody & Cure Rhythm

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