Music Rondo Super Quartet (ミュージックロンド・スーパーカルテット Myūjikku Rondo Sūpā Karutetto?) is a purification attack that debuted in episode 16 of Suite Pretty Cure♪. It appears to be the combination of two previous purification attacks, Passionate Harmony and Music Rondo. The attack requires the Miracle Belltier and the Fantastic Belltier in Cross Rod mode.


After separating their Belltiers, the two Cures spin around before coming together and holding out one half of their Belltiers. Melody holds out the half with Fairy Tone Dory, while Rhythm holds out the half with Fairy Tone Rery. The two halves switch, and the two Cures recombine the Belltier halves to attain Cross Rod mode. They then swing their Belltiers around to create 4 Tone Rings, white and orange for Melody and light pink and yellow from Rhythm. The two clasp hands to create a treble clef and a dark pink heart, reminiscent of Passionato Harmony. They then fire the 5 beams at the enemy.



Unison: 二つのトーン を一つの力に!
Cure Melody: 奏でましょう、奇跡のメロディ! ミラクルベルティエ! クロス・ロッド!
Cure Rhythm: 刻みましょう、大いなるリズム!ファンタスティックベルティエ! クロス・ロッド!
Unison: 駆け巡れ、トーンのリング!プリキュア・ミュージックロンド・スーパーカルテット!
Unison: せーの、フィナーレ!


Unison: Futatsu no tōn wo hitotsu no chikara ni!
Cure Melody: Kanademashō, kiseki no merodī! Mirakuru Berutia Kurosu Roddo!
Cure Rhythm: Kizamimashō, ōinaru rizumu! Fantasutikku Berutia Kurosu Roddo!
Unison: Kakemegure, tōn no ringu! Purikyua Myūjikku Rondo Sūpā Karutetto!
Unison: Sēno! Fināre!


Unison: Two tones into one power!
Cure Melody: Let's play, miraculous melody! Miracle Belltier Crossrod!
Cure Rhythm: Let's engrave, great rhythm! Fantastic Belltier Crossrod!
Unison: Fly forth, Tone Ring! Pretty Cure Music Rondo Super Quartet!
Unison: Ready, set! Finale!


  • This is the only attack in which Rhythm jumps during the "Finale!".




1080p Cure Melody & Rhythm Attack Precure Music Rondo Super Quartet

1080p Cure Melody & Rhythm Attack Precure Music Rondo Super Quartet

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