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Myoudouin Satsuki
明堂院 さつき Myōdōin Satsuki
Satsuki Profile (Asashi)
SeasonHeartcatch Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark orange
Home PlaceKibougahana
RelativesUnnamed Father, Myoudouin Tsubaki (mother)
Myoudouin Itsuki (younger sister)
Myoudouin Gentarou (grandfather)
First AppearanceHPC07
Theme ColorGold
Japanese Voice ActorMaeno Tomoaki

Myoudouin Satsuki (明堂院 さつき Myōdōin Satsuki?) is Itsuki's older brother, who has a condition on which he can't walk properly. Originally the heir and a outstanding fighter, he influenced Itsuki a lot. He remains Itsuki's support throughout the whole series and eventually undergoes an operation to cure his condition.


Since he is somewhat sickly at young age, he could not be the heir to the Myoudouin Martial Arts School as it is their family tradition so instead, Itsuki dressed as a boy and took his place due to the fact that only the men of the family can inherit.

In episode 7, he appeared around the Myoudouin Gardens on a wheel chair pushed by his sister. He wishes for her to bring female friends over so she would feel comfortable and not lonely.

In an episode when Itsuki was thought to be the 3rd Cure and the Cures were spying on her, she visited the hospital Satsuki was in. Satsuki was told that there was a cure for his sickness and had to go through surgery. Satsuki was scared to do surgery and changes. Itsuki was worried for him. The next day, Itsuki was going to the hospital again and discovered Potpourri. Unfortunately, Sasorina has her sights on him and used his initial fear over to create a Desertrian out of his wheel chair. Wanting to help her brother, Itsuki becomes Cure Sunshine for the first time and purified her brother turning him back to normal. He appeared at the end of the episode where he fights his sister in martial arts and beats her and showing his abilities of him can be a fighter and Itsuki happy for him.

Satsuki was mentioned, or the reason in Cure Sunshine's test in the Pretty Cure Palace to obtain the Super Silhouette. It involves the past version of herself of abandoned her dedication for martial arts for/and her devotion for him. Cure Sunshine realizes she had not abandoned Martial Arts or her brother. She only embraced her love for cute items and fashion. She replies to her mirage that not only she that now she does those things she loves, it makes him smile that she is doing something for herself.


Myoudouin Itsuki - He is Itsuki's kind brother who wishes for Itsuki to make female friends. He supports her and knows her secret of having an interest in girly things. Itsuki is fond of him and worries about his sickness. She even goes as far as to take his place as the heir of the Myoudouin Martial Arts. He wants Itsuki to do what will make her happy, which is fashion.


  • His Heart Flower is Chamomile, which symbolizes "overcoming hardships".


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