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Nagase Mayumi
長瀬まゆみ Nagase Mayumi
Img chara-mayumi
SeasonMahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorLight Brown
Hair ColorLight Brown
Home PlaceNo Magic World
First AppearanceMTPC11
Japanese Voice ActorTada Konomi

Nagase Mayumi (長瀬まゆみ Nagase Mayumi?) is a minor character in Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! and she is one of the students who attend Tsunagi First Middle School. She is in the same class as Asahina Mirai and Izayoi Riko.



Mayumi has light tanned skin and big, friendly brown eyes to match her straightened hair, worn in a bob with her bangs pulled aside by a clip. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform, but she wears the blazer opened and a pair of black stockings with her shoes.


Mayumi is the childhood friend of Mirai who is very polite and rather calm.


In episode 34, she developed a crush on a boy who had helped her, but is heartbroken after the boy reveals that he has a girlfriend. Kana later comforts her, and they become friends.

In episode 46, she and Kana were attacked by Benigyo, but the Cures rescued both of them. Both of them promised to keep the Cures' rescue a secret.

In episode 50, Mayumi and Kana were walking through the streets when they witnessed the floating strawberry melon breads in the sky. They were then surprised and overjoyed to see the Rainbow Carriage fly by.



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