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Nagomi Yui (和実ゆい?) is one of the three main Cures in Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure, and she is also the group leader. Her family owns a diner, and she is an only child.

Yui transforms with Kome-Kome to become Cure Precious (キュアプレシャス?). Her catchphrases are "Delicious smile~!" (デリシャスマイル~!?) and "I'm starving~!" (はらペコった~!?).



Yui has purple eyes with medium-length brown hair worn loose with a pair of twin-tails held by magenta ribbons. Her choppy bangs and forelocks frame her face. Casually, she wears a magenta dress with buttons and frills, the sleeves end at the elbow. Over this is a pale pink vest with a rice ball image. She also wears magenta shoes with a pink bow and white socks.

As a child, her hair was tied into buns with red beads. She also wore a pink sleeved dress with a white collar and a red ribbon around her hip.

As Cure Precious, her eyes brighten and her hair grows in length, turning bright pink. Her ponytails become thin and curled, attached to a cone-shaped bun held by turquoise scalloped scrunchies. She also gains curled strands by each ear. She wears a frilly hot pink headband with a bow adorned by a flower, a choker, and gold earrings where the left one is a spoon and the right a fork. Her dress is light pink with pink and hot pink detail, with white frills going around the shoulders trim with turquoise scallops. Her skirt is in two layers, the top is split to reveal a hot pink and pale yellow ruffled layer over a pearl pink frilly petticoat. A large hot pink ribbon wraps around her waist with a white, turquoise, and pale yellow flower-shaped apron adorned by pale pink and turquoise bows. On her chest is a hot pink gem heart with a ribbon. She also gains white gloves with pale pink frills and white boots with a fuchsia toe, turquoise accent, and light pink scalloped trim, worn with hot pink socks.


Yui is a calm, straightforward, and energetic 2nd year middle school student. She has outstanding physical drive and gets hungry quickly. Yui cherishes her grandmother's motto, "food is smiles". She also likes doing her best to help others. She has a tendency to be absent-minded, often mis-quoting idioms or phrases.


  • Shinada Takumi - Her childhood friend.
  • Kome-Kome - Her fairy partner.
  • Rosemary - She gets along well with Rosemary, and even refers to him as Mari-chan (マリちゃん?).
  • Fuwa Kokone and Hanamichi Ran - She is classmates with them, and they are also her close friends.
  • Gentlu - Her enemy, but she shows concern for her when she witnesses Gentlu having an inner conflict. After seeing that Gentlu is Amane, she still believes that Gentlu is a good person.


Nagomi (和実?): Nago (?) means "calmness", "gentleness" or "inner peace"[1]. However, 和 is most likely being associated with Japanese culture, for example "Japanese clothing" (和服?) or "Japanese food" (和食?)[2]. Mi (?) simply means "fruitation" or "crops" [3]. Therefore, 和実 means "Japanese crop", implying Yui's motif: rice.

Yui (ゆい?): There is no one meaning for the name, as there are many ways to write it. Such examples are "supportive" (?) and "tie" (?)[4].

Cure Precious is something of great value because of being rare, expensive, or important[5].


Becoming Cure Precious

Yui is on her way home from helping the Soccer Club when she sees a pram flying down a steep hill. She manages to stop it in time, where she meets Kome-Kome. She offers the hungry litte fox fairy a rice ball, who leads her to a very hungry Rosemary. Yui quickly takes him to her family's diner, who helps clean the dishes in thanks for the free meal. She realizes Rosemary can see the Recipepes as well, and tries to find out more about them, but is rejected.

Sometime later, she is eating omurice with Takumi, when she notices Gentlu stealing the Omurice Recipepe. This prompts Yui to give chase, where she stumbles across Rosemary confronting Gentlu. She manages to join the confrontation in a different dimension and tries her best to help save the Omurice Recipepe, much to Rosemary's dismay. Her determination causes the jewel on Kome-Kome's scarf to react, which grants her the Heart Cure Watch. This gives her the power to transform into Cure Precious with Kome-Kome. She manages to quickly purify the Ubauzo and save the Omurice Recipepe.DPPC01

Friendship with Rosemary

After defeating the Ubauzo, Yui believes that she can help Rosemary by being Cure Precious. She then tells him to stay at Takumi's family inn. However, she is unaware of Rosemary's guilt, until she receives his farewell letter from Takumi's mother. After finding him with her Heart Cure Watch, Precious begins recklessly fighting Gentlu's Ubauzo, until Rosemary finally tells her that it's dangerous for her to perform her duties as a Cure. But Precious reminds him that her duties are worth it when it means preserving food that makes people happy. Following Rosemary's strategy, Precious gets to purify the Ubauzo. She, along with her mother, then has dinner with Rosemary, with both of them becoming closer friends.DPPC02

Meeting Amane and Receiving the Heart Juicy Mixer

When dining at the omurice shop, Yui and her friends meet Amane, and Yui tries to befriend her. However, Amane rejects her attempts.

Later, Precious, along with Spicy and Yum-Yum, encounter Gentlu and her Motto Ubauzo after Gentlu once again captures two Recipepes. However, they have great difficulty fighting it because it was way stronger than a normal Ubauzo, causing the Cures to get hurt. Just then, she notices Gentlu having an internal conflict regarding the Recipepes, and she and the other's desires to save the Recipepes help them to gain their Heart Juicy Mixer. With Delicious Precious Heat, Precious successfully purifies the Motto Ubauzo and rescues the Recipepes.

After the fight, Yui again spends time with her friends, though she starts to worry about Amane as well.DPPC10

Cure Precious

Cure Precious

Brimming With Energy, From Piping Hot Rice! Cure Precious!
Atsuatsu Gohan de, Minagiru Pawā! Kyua Pureshasu!

Cure Precious (キュアプレシャス?) is Yui's Pretty Cure alias.


The transformation starts with Kome-Kome changing into her rice ball form. Yui catches her and after spinning a couple of times and nuzzling her, she shouts the transformation phrase. After leaping up, multicolored triangles fly up and Yui starts to squeeze Kome-Kome several times, causing little hearts to appear. She then shouts "Sharing energy!" and flies into the air. The jewel on Kome-Kome's collar shines a pink light, causing a pink onigiri to appear, which Yui eats. Then her hair changes color, length, and style, with Kome-Kome tumbling across the top of her head, making her headband and bow appear. After that, heart-shaped highlights appear in her hair along with her earrings. Then her top, gloves, tails, bow, apron, and skirt appear. Precious then hugs Kome-Kome, which causes her front bow and boots to appear. With the transformation complete, Kome-Kome nuzzles on Precious's face before appearing on her left hip. Precious taps Kome-Kome twice before saying her introduction and striking a final pose. Finally, she says "I'm gonna give you a delicious meal" before forming a triangle with her hands.


  • 500 Kilocalorie Punch (500キロカロリーパーンチ?): Cure Precious' sub attack that she uses during battles as a final blow before purifying the enemy.
  • Precious Triangle (プレシャス・トライアングル?): Cure Precious' solo attack that she performs with her Heart Cure Watch.
  • Delicious Precious Heat (デリシャスプレシャス・ヒート?): Cure Precious' second solo attack that she performs with her Heart Juicy Mixer.
  • MIX Heart Attack (MIXハートアタック?): A group attack that Cure Precious performs with Spicy and Yum-Yum. To perform it, she and her teammates need their Heart Juicy Mixers.


Yui's voice actor, Hishikawa Hana has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include songs with Shimizu Risa, who voices Fuwa Kokone, and Iguchi Yuka, who voices Hanamichi Ran.

  • Smile Menu◎

Group Songs

  • Bonds♡Specialty (Along with Shimizu Risa, and Iguchi Yuka)


  • Yui's height is 155cm, while her height as Cure Precious is 165cm.
  • Yui's birthday is on August 31st, making her Zodiac sign Virgo. Her birthday falls on Vegetable Day.
  • Yui's favorite food is fresh vegetables.
  • Yui shares her given name with Midorikawa Yui from Smile Pretty Cure!, and Nanase Yui from Go! Princess Pretty Cure.
  • Yui's father is a fisherman who works in another city.


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