Nanairogaoka Class 2-2
2年2組の生徒 Ni nen ni kumi no seito
SeasonSmile Pretty Cure!
GenderMale + Female
First AppearanceSmPC01
Japanese Voice ActorVarious

Class 2-2 is a class of Year 2 students at Nanairogaoka Middle School which the Smile! Cures belong to. The class consists of 30 students, 15 girls and 15 boys. Their homeroom teacher is Sasaki Namie.

The class made their first appearance as a whole in episode 1, with various classmates being introduced and having speaking roles in later episodes.

Notable Students

Hoshizora Miyuki

The season begins when Miyuki first transfers to her new class and meets the other girls. Her first attempt to introduce herself to the class did not go well due to her nervousness, and was hijacked by Akane. In the end, she managed to introduce herself well. She sits at the back of the classroom beside the windows, behind Akane.

Please see main page on Miyuki for more.

Hino Akane

Akane is the class jokester who loves making her friends laugh. As such, she seems to be well-liked and popular, and her classmates have been seen to call her "Hino" or "Akane", dropping the formal suffixes "-san" and "-chan". She sits near the back of the classroom beside the windows, in front of Miyuki.

Please see main page on Akane for more.

Kise Yayoi

Yayoi is generally quiet in class, except in episode 9 when her April Fool's joke got out of hand and the entire class threw a farewell party for her. On the farewell card which the class wrote to her, it could be seen that many of her classmates admired her talent in drawing. She sits at the front of the classroom near the center.

Please see main page on Yayoi for more.

Midorikawa Nao

Like Yayoi, Nao is generally quiet in class, preferring not to call attention to herself. She sits somewhere in the middle of the classroom, beside Reika.

Please see main page on Nao for more.

Aoki Reika

Reika is one of the members of the class committee, and often helps the teacher by leading the class in discussions. She sits somewhere in the middle of the classroom, beside Nao.

Please see main page on Reika for more.

Other Students





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