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Nasu Yumika
那須ゆみか Nasu Yumika
Nasu Yumika Toei
SeasonStar☆Twinkle Pretty Cure
Eye ColorMagenta
Hair ColorBlack
Home PlaceMihoshi Town
First AppearanceSTPC16
Japanese Voice ActorKoichi Makoto

Nasu Yumika (那須ゆみか?) is a minor character who appears in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure. She is rivals with Kaguya Madoka in archery.


Yumika has short black hair with magenta eyes and wears a black headband which she wraps around her forehead. She is seen wearing her archery clothes which is a white wrap around top, with a long black skirt and white socks. On her chest is a black protective pad and she wears a light brown glove with purple cloth on her right hand.


Yumika is a girl who keeps to herself as she believes having friends only distract you from succeeding in many areas.


Nasu (那須?) is a traditional name for a region in northern Tochigi Prefecture, Japan [1].

Yumika (ゆみか?) - Yumi (ゆみ?) means "archery bow" [2] while Ka (?) means "fragrance" [3].


In episode 16, Yumika is first seen beating 4 other girls in her round of the finals. When it's Madoka's turn, she notices her friends cheering for her, so she tells Madoka that having support only distracts you. After learning that she'll be going up against Madoka in a deciding round, she again walks up to Madoka and says she'll never win with friends who keeping cheering for you as that'll only distract you. However, upon seeing Madoka getting along with her friends at lunch, and feeling envious over it, Yumika becomes vulnerable leaving her open for Aiwarn to steal her imagination and turn her into a Nottoriga. After being purified, Yumika jumps straight into the deciding round with Madoka, where she ultimately loses because she wanted to win too much, which clouded her though process. However, she takes her loss in good spirits and vows to beat Madoka in the next competition.


  • Kaguya Madoka - She has a rivalry with her thanks to both competing against each other in an archery competition. After losing to Madoka, she said she'd beat her when the competition comes around again in the following year.


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