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Natsuki Kazuyo (夏木 和代 Natsuki Kazuyo?) is Rin's mother. She and her husband run a flower shop "Fleuriste Natsuki". She is called "Kazu-chan" by Megumi like Rin-chan by Nozomi.


Kazuyo has short brown hair worn back with a pale blue bandana with her tented bangs sticking out. She has matching brown eyes. She is usually found in a green top with the sleeves rolled up, brown pants, and pale colored flats. Over her outfit is a a white and pale indigo apron-like piece.


She is seen as the responsible friend towards Megumi, who she claims is even clumsier than Nozomi. Like other mothers she is very caring and supportive, but stern when she needs to be and she takes her work seriously to see to it that things go well.



Kazuyo's relationship with Yumehara Megumi shows resemblance to Rin's relationship with Nozomi, with Megumi being rather clumsy and Kazuyo trying to keep her under control.



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