Natsuki Yu
夏木 ゆう Natsuki Yū
SeasonYes! Pretty Cure 5
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!
Age5 - 6
RelativesNatsuki Kazuyo (mother),
Natsuki Rin (sister), Natsuki Ai (twins sister)
First AppearanceYPC513
Japanese Voice ActorWatanabe Kumiko
Natsuki Yu (夏木 ゆう Natsuki Yū?) is a twin with Natsuki Ai, and Natsuki Rin's younger brother. Ai and Yu often cause trouble for Rin, but they're mostly like normal little kids who want to have fun and are curious about things. The siblings share a strong bond and the twins' big sister will do all in her power to protect them. Ai and Yu get along very well with Nozomi despite annoying her too, which probably is because of her childishness and sister-like relationship with Rin.



Yu appears along with his sister, Ai, as they play and try to annoy Rin, they also steal Nozomi's cookie. Rin becomes angry and says them to stop. Seeing them sad, Rin gives them the ball, Yu and Ai decide to play with Nozomi and Urara, however they spot Coco, and Nuts and take them. While playing, Nuts become angry and speaks making Yu suprised, however Urara kicks the ball making Yu forgets about it. While playing Yu kicks the ball, and the ball falls at Gamao's hands, Nozomi and Urara with Yu and Ai, come and Nozomi than finds out and says to give the ball. Gamao seeing it tries to pop it, however Yu and Ai say to give the ball. Gamao getting annoyed throws the ball at them, Yu and Ai, get scared, however Rin comes and saves them, seeing their sister get hurt, Yu and Ai hug her. After Gamao's defeat, everything gets normal, as Yu and Ai hang out with Rin.YPC513


  • Natsuki Ai - His twin sister. The two of them have many things in common, and they love to play together.
  • Natsuki Rin - His older sister. He annoys Rin, and causes her trouble. However, he loves her a lot, even though he makes fun of her.




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