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Natsuumi Manatsu (夏海まなつ?) is one of the five main Cures in Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure, and she is also the group leader.

Manatsu's alter ego is Cure Summer (キュアサマー?), and her charm point is her lips. Her catchphrase is "Tropica-Shine!" (トロピカってる~!?).



Manatsu has medium-length auburn hair worn in a ponytail with a yellow bow, and her bangs are composed of several loose strands at her forehead and on each side. She has big green eyes. She wears a white top with a hot pink neck strap and ruffled trim in white and pink around the top, along with light teal frilly shorts that have a gold belt, white sandals, and a necklace including a light blue shell. She also wears the Tropical Pact on the left hip and the white-pink Heart Kuru Ring on her left middle finger.

As a child, she had shorter hair that was tied into a ponytail with green beads, and wore a yellow singlet with a pink sun on the front, green shorts, and red sandals.

As Cure Summer, her eyes gain pink heart-shaped flecks and she also gains pink lipstick. Her hair grows very long and turns blonde with a hot pink ombre on top. There are also three pink and blue strands, with two pairs on each side of her bangs and another pair near the top. Her ponytail is decorated with a large pink hibiscus with white and green ribbons on the top and bottom. Her top is white with a pink scalloped sailor-like collar with blue and white stripes and clear sleeves. At the center is a magenta shell with light blue ribbons hanging from it. Her skirt is also white with magenta bows and sky blue ruffles on each side of the top along with her Tropical Pact. The bottom of the skirt has blue and magenta stripes at the bottom and pale yellow pleats along with a mint green scalloped layer. She also wears white Mary Janes with ribbons laced around the feet and ankles and blue and pink heels. Her accessories include white opera-length fingerless gloves with heart-shaped cutouts on top and pink ribbons around the wrists, a white v-shaped choker, and pink triangular earrings.

In her Excellen-Tropical Style, her hair grows longer and thicker with an additional hot pink ombre at the bottom. The hibiscus in her hair turns into an orange sun while the white and green ribbons thicken, with the green ones lightening. Her collar is replaced with a white capelet with pink and sky blue lining the top and bottom respectively. Her skirt turns pale pink with yellow, blue, and pink stripes at the bottom and a scalloped mint layer lining the bottom. Around it is a long white skirt that opens in the front with a rainbow-colored gradient inside and magenta pearls with mint ruffles around the waist. Her choker turns white and magenta with a matching gem hanging from it while her earrings change shape. Her gloves are replaced with frilly white wristbands with hot pink bands around the wrist and she is now barefoot with white ribbons around the lower parts of her legs.

In her Snow Crystal Tropical Style, her outfit contains some elements of Cure Blossom's Super Silhouette form. Her hair grows longer and her flower hairpiece gets larger along with the white and green ribbons. On top is a light pink ribbon with a small gold tiara with a pink heart in the middle. Tiny gold hearts appear on top of her earrings. She gains puffy sleeves similar to Blossom's while her actual sleeves grow longer and resemble a short cape. On her chest is a powder blue bow with her shell brooch in the middle. Her skirt is slightly longer with a white top layer that opens in the middle to reveal a light pink skirt with blue and white borders that resemble flower petals, with two longer petals in the back. Around that is a longer lighter pink layer that reaches her ankles with pink petal-like ribbons on each side of her hips. Her gloves open up at the top with pale pink ribbons around the wrists and petal-like ends. On her back are heart-shaped rainbow wings.


Manatsu is an extremely energetic and motivated 1st year middle school student who moved from Minamino Island to Aozora City. She always acts before she thinks, and in any situation Manatsu says "I'll do what's important, right now!", but occasionally this recklessness tends to backfire on her. Although mostly enthusiastic and motivated, she doesn't like to study.


  • Laura: Manatsu instantly starts a friendship with Laura upon realizing Laura is a mermaid. Laura initially treats her with contempt, but after Manatsu rescues her, she begins to regard her as a friend. The two have met each other in the past, but Manatsu didn't know at the time that Laura was a mermaid.
  • Suzumura Sango: Manatsu is classmates with Sango, and they quickly become friends after they recognize each other on their first day of school.
  • Ichinose Minori: Upon meeting Minori, Manatsu quickly becomes fascinated by her story and decides to befriend her. Minori is originally a bit shy to accept her friendship, but eventually becomes friends with her.
  • Takizawa Asuka: Manatsu comes to admire Asuka after Asuka defends her and Laura from some thugs. Asuka isn't too keen about becoming her teammate at first, but after seeing how friendly and kind Manatsu is, she starts to accept Manatsu as her friend.


Natsuumi (夏海?): Natsu (?) means "Summer" [1], while Umi (?) means "ocean"[2].

Manatsu (まなつ?) means "midsummer" [3].

Cure Summer is the warmest season of the year, coming between Spring and Autumn [4].


Meeting Laura As A Child

When Manatsu was a child, she was exploring Minamino Island when she spotted Laura. Though unaware that Laura was a mermaid the entire time, Manatsu almost immediately befriended her, and they spent the day together, with Manatsu promising to meet Laura again. However, Laura did not return the next day due to having her memory wiped, which saddened Manatsu greatly. She did not remember Laura until meeting her again years later.TRPC37

Meeting Laura and Becoming Cure Summer

Manatsu sets off to Aozora City to live with her mother, but on the way there, she drops her lipstick into the ocean. She later encounters Laura, who had found her lipstick, and quickly gets excited because she has met a mermaid, even immediately considering Laura as her new friend. When Laura is captured by Chongire's Yaraneeda, Manatsu decides to rescue her, and becomes Cure Summer for the first time. She successfully defeats the Yaraneeda, and slowly becomes closer friends with Laura.TRPC01

Argument and Reconciliation with Laura

When Manatsu starts attending school, she begins to pay less attention to Laura. She later takes Laura to her school per the latter's request, but soon quarrels with Laura after realizing her peers have spotted the mermaid as well as Laura complaining about her not treating her duty as a Cure seriously. At first, she believes that the fault fully lies in Laura, but soon she feels regretful for what she said. She eventually decides to save Laura from Chongire's Yaraneeda, and vows to continue being friends with her, as well as living her life as a student and Cure to the fullest, repairing their friendship.TRPC02

Studying plus Regaining her Motivation Power

When Manatsu is told she needs to study so she can keep doing club activities, she tries to do so but is just not interested. So when Chongire appears and his Zenzen Yaraneeda overpowers her and steals her Motivation Power, Manatsu is nothing but a sleepy, unmotivated mess. But as she witnesses her friends fighting the Zenzen Yaraneeda, she regains her motivation on her own, and later her stolen Motivation Power is found, which gives Summer and her friends a new power up. But even after all this, she still fails all of her exams, but is motivated to pass her make-up exams so she can continue being in the Tropical Club.TRPC10

Meeting the Legendary Cure and Earning Land Beat Dynamic

Sometime later, Manatsu and Laura are having fun with the Ocean Prism Mirror, when Butler summons a Chou Zettai Yaraneeda for the first time. Then, Manatsu later dreams about meeting the Legendary Pretty Cure, but wakes up clueless about who she is. Later, she and her friends come across different Yaraneedas that were created from the previous night, but they struggle to deal with them. Summer ends up dropping both the dresser and Kururun after being knocked out by one of the Yaraneedas, and starts to have her Motivation Power drained. However, she regains her motivation and transforms again after her friends share their Motivation Power with her. With her determination to retrieve the stolen Motivation Power, the Legendary Cure once again appears, this time in front of her friends as well. Together, they use their newly transformed dresser and the Land Heart Kuru Ring to purify the main Yaraneeda. After the battle ends, Manatsu and her friends vow to work harder to defeat the Witch. TRPC29

Plans for her Future

When being asked by Miss Sakuragawa what she wants to be as an adult, Manatsu becomes hesitant about it. She later learns that through discussing the city's job experience event with her friends, they have already started to decide what jobs and careers they are planning to pursue. Her parents then tell her and her friends their own stories of their childhood dreams and how they found out their dream jobs after knowing her hesitation, and she and her father reiterate that having many dreams is fine as long as they get to do what is important at the present, and her father also remarks that there are infinite possibilities in the future.

On the day of the job experience event, Elda suddenly crashes it by summoning a Yaraneeda, so Summer has to confront her. When Elda complains that it is foolish to be an adult as it means being burdened with responsibilities, Summer argues that adults can still do the fun things they want, but Elda retorts that growing up also means being left behind. Summer still believes that doing what you love in the present is important too, which is shown on the screen that she admitted that she will be what she wants to become the most as a grownup. After the fight is over, Manatsu decides that no matter what happens in the future, what she wants to do right at this moment is to be with her friends. TRPC34

A Backfired Plan

The Cures are celebrating their Halloween festival at school, when suddenly a Yaraneeda summoned from a lost orb attacks. As Laura is out of town looking for the best costume for herself, Manatsu gets desperate and decides to use the Aqua Pot herself. At first, Summer seems to have succeeded, until she realizes that all the Motivation Power get entangled, prompting Laura to scold her for using the Pot without her permission. Meanwhile, Chongire appears and summons a stronger Yaraneeda that traps the other Cures in pineapple rings. After realizing her original plan would trap her too, Summer manages to get the Yaraneeda close enough to free everyone. Laura then undoes the damage Manatsu caused, and Manatsu learns that there are times that she should not do things without second thoughts. TRPC35

Forgotten Memories

After being washed away into the now damaged Grand Ocean which was destroyed during their earlier visit, Manatsu and her friends decide to venture into the room where the Mermaid Queen is being held captive to save the Queen herself. However, upon entering the room where the memories of the mermaids are stored, Manatsu and her friends are surprised that the mermaids actually have their memories erased of any humans they meet, including the one from the Witch of Delays that is about the Legendary Cure.

At first, Manatsu does not know what Laura saw in her shell that stores her memories, but soon after she and her friends save the Queen, not only do they learn that the Witch wants to use the full Casket to gain immortality, but Manatsu also realizes that Laura was the friend she met as a child, finally remembering their shared past. Unfortunately, they cannot convince the Queen to change the law of erasing the memories of mermaids. However, Manatsu refuses to let this harsh revelation get in the way of her friendship with Laura, and after meeting the Legendary Cure, who saves them again, Summer along with La Mer and the others defeat the octopus Yaraneeda after retrieving the Marine Ring from Butler. After the fight, Summer tells La Mer that she will cherish the days she has with her, because that is the most important thing to her now. That same night, she gives Laura the flower crown she promised, which makes Laura happy. TRPC37

Infiltrating the Witch's mansion

After being swallowed by a blue whale Yaraneeda in the previous episode, Manatsu has a vision of meeting Cure Oasis, who shows her helping out someone in the past. Before she could reveal who it was, Manatsu wakes up and wonders where she is before remembering she was inside the Yaraneeda. She escapes by forcefully opening its mouth and after spotting the WItch's Mansion, prepares to go ask her to return everyone's Motivation Power. As she is looking, Manatsu gets directions from an unsuspecting Chongire. However, she ends up going the wrong way and barges in on Elda playing. While trying again, she sees Coral, Papaya, and Flamingo battling a Zenzen Yaraneeda and decides to join them, transforming into Cure Summer to help them purify it. Not long after, the blue whale Yaraneeda appears again to attack them, but they purify that one as well when La Mer rejoins the group. When Summer enters the mansion again, she orders the Witch to return the Motivation Power before recognizing her as the villain who attacked the village a long time ago. TRPC43

Summer still tries to reason with the Witch, only to fail and de-transform when Chongire Yaraneeda attacks her. After Elda saves her by having her fall through a trap door in the floor, she and her four friends hide inside of a spare room, where Laura tells them about Oasis and the Witch's past. After a tough fight with Chongire Yaraneeda, Summer and the other Cures manage to purify him, only to realize the Witch is bent on destroying the world after remembering her own past. However, Summer reasons with the Witch as she believes the Witch isn't heartless, and reveals that the Witch just wants to be friends with Oasis. She then channels Oasis so Oasis can reunite the Witch after a century. She and her friends watch the Witch and Oasis disappear together.TRPC44

The Final Battle against Butler

However, right as Summer and the other Cures are happy that the Witch has found peace, they realize Butler refuses to accept the Witch's passing and turns himself into a Yaraneeda to destroy the entire world by himself. Before they can actually attack him, he is proven to be too powerful for them and soon causes Summer and her team to de-transform with his strong whirlpool. TRPC44

After receiving her Tropical Pact from Elda, Manatsu transforms with her friends again, and together with the defected villains, Summer tries to fight Butler and his Kowasunda, only for Butler to overpower them. However, she and the four other Cures refuse to give up, and with the Super Tropical Paradise attack, they manage to purify Butler. After Butler deprives himself of his own motivation, the Mermaid Queen appears before them, and Summer joins the other Cures to retrieve all the Motivation Power with the Mermaid Aqua Pot from the Fool's Casket. After bidding the three villains farewell and leaving Grand Ocean, Manatsu and her friends resume preparing for the graduation festival, and they have a slumber party. But when she wakes up during the night, she has to face the truth of Laura potentially leaving her forever by inheriting the throne.TRPC45


After trying to come to terms with Laura's upcoming departure, Manatsu decides to get the giant melon bread that appeared in her bizarre dream in the form of the cushion Laura won. She avoids talking about hearing Laura's conversation with the Mermaid Queen. After Laura finally explains the situation, Manatsu believes that they won't forget Laura easily and encourages Laura to do what's the most important to her now, and respects her decision. However, during the ending of the play, Manatsu finally breaks down into tears over Laura's departure, even though she later laughs it off with her friends after Laura reveals herself to be a mermaid.

That evening, as Laura is going to leave, Manatsu gives her own lipstick to Laura as a parting gift, and even after Laura tells them the truth behind the memory erasing machine as well as her own worries about no longer remembering them, Manatsu still vows to be her friend for eternity. Nonetheless, Manatsu still cries again after Laura returns to the ocean. Due to Laura's memories being erased, she soon forgets about Laura.

Sometime later, Manatsu heads out and arrives at the cove where she sees Laura. Although both initially don't recognize each other, they suddenly regain their memories after Laura shows her the lipstick, mostly thanks to the help of the Mermaid Aqua Pot that overloads the memory erasing machine. In the end, she finally gets to reunite with Laura again.TRPC46

Cure Summer

Tropical Change Cure Summer poses.jpg

Joyful Everlasting Summer! Cure Summer!
Tokimeku Tokonatsu! Kyua Samā!

Cure Summer (キュアサマー?) is Manatsu's Pretty Cure alias. In order to transform, she needs her Tropical Pact and Heart Kuru Ring.


The transformation starts with Manatsu's Tropical Pact appearing. She then holds the pact while removing her Heart Kuru Ring, inserting it into the lock and turning it. The pact opens up, revealing her reflection. Then Manatsu takes the brush and shouts "Let's make up! Bling!" before touching the center of the pact with it, causing it to glow. She then shouts "Cheeks!" as she presses it against her cheeks, giving them a rosy glow. She taps the middle of the pact again and shouts "Eyes!", giving her pink eyeshadow and adding pink heart-shaped flecks to her eyes. She taps it again and shouts "Hair!" as her hair ribbon turns into a giant flower and her hair grows and turns blonde with a magenta ombre. She once again taps it and shouts "Lips!", applying pink lipstick. She taps the middle one more time and shouts "Dress!" as she draws a heart with the brush, which splits into eight hearts. Each of the hearts strike her body, making parts of her outfit appear. First are her shoes, followed by her gloves, then her skirt, top, choker, and earrings. A pouch for her Tropical Pact appears on the left, dropping in. With the transformation complete, Summer runs and leaps into the air doing several spins before starting her introduction. She then winks before announcing her name and striking her final pose.



Manatsu's voice actor, Fairouz Ai has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include songs with Hanamori Yumiri, who voices Suzumura Sango, Ishikawa Yui, who voices Ichinose Minori, Seto Asami who voices Takizawa Asuka, and Hidaka Rina, who voices Laura.

Group Songs


  • Manatsu's birthday is on August 1st, making her Zodiac sign Leo.
  • Manatsu's most precious item is the lipstick her mother had given her, which turns into her Heart Rouge Rod when she transforms into Summer for the first time.
  • Manatsu's favorite things are anything that appears to be tropical themed, and school.
  • Manatsu is the first lead Cure whose theme color is white and tropical colored (rainbow) instead of pink.
  • An interview from Animage revealed that Manatsu's theme color was always meant to be rainbow with white from the start because the Producer wanted Manatsu to stand out even amongst all the Pretty Cure.
    • In the Animage January 2022 issue, it was revealed that Manatsu's name was originally going to be Natsu, then Natsuki, followed by Natsumi before the staff finally settled on Manatsu.
      • Nakatani Yukiko revealed that Manatsu was not only designed with her origin in mind, but also as if she was a protagonist for a boy's series.
  • Episode 19 reveals that Manatsu is afraid of ghosts.
  • Manatsu has had her motivation stolen the most number of times out of all characters in the series.


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