Natsuumi Manatsu (夏海まなつ?) is one of the four main Cures in Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure, and she is also the group leader.

Manatsu's alter ego is Cure Summer (キュアサマー?), and her charm point is her lips. Her catchphrase is "Tropica-Shine!" (トロピカってる~!?).



Manatsu has medium-length auburn hair worn in a ponytail with a yellow bow, and her bangs are composed of several loose strands at her forehead and on each side. She has big green eyes. She wears a white top with a hot pink neck strap and ruffled trim in white and pink around the top, along with light teal frilly shorts that have a gold belt, white sandals, and a necklace. She also wears the Tropical Pact on the left hip and the white-pink Heart Kuru Ring on her left ring finger.

As Cure Summer, her eyes gain pink heart-shaped flecks and her hair grows very long and turns blonde with a hot pink ombre on top. There are also three pink and blue strands, with two pairs on each side of her bangs and another pair near the top. Her ponytail is decorated with a large pink orchid with white and green ribbons on the top and bottom. Her top is white with a pink scalloped sailor-like collar with blue and white stripes and clear sleeves. At the center is a magenta shell with light blue ribbons hanging from it. Her skirt is also white with magenta bows and sky blue ruffles on each side of the top along with her Tropical Pact. The bottom of the skirt has blue and magenta stripes at the bottom and pale yellow pleats along with a mint green scalloped layer. She also wears white Mary Janes with ribbons laced around the feet and ankles and blue and pink heels. Her accessories include white opera-length fingerless gloves with heart-shaped cutouts on top and pink ribbons around the wrists, a white v-shaped choker, and pink triangular earrings.


Manatsu is an extremely energetic and motivated 1st year middle school student who moved from Minamino Island to Aozora City. She always acts before she thinks, and in any situation Manatsu says "I'll do what's important, right now!".


  • Laura: Manatsu instantly starts a friendship with Laura upon realizing Laura is a mermaid. Laura initially treats her with contempt, but after Manatsu rescues her, she begins to regard her as a friend.
  • Suzumura Sango: Manatsu is classmates with Sango, and they quickly become friends after they recognize each other on their first day of school.
  • Ichinose Minori: Upon meeting Minori, Manatsu quickly becomes fascinated by her story and decides to befriend her. Minori is originally a bit shy to accept her friendship, but eventually becomes friends with her.
  • Takizawa Asuka: Manatsu comes to admire Asuka after Asuka defends her and Laura from some thugs. Asuka isn't too keen about becoming her teammate at first, but after seeing how friendly and kind Manatsu is, she starts to accept Manatsu as her friend.


Natsuumi (夏海?): Natsu (?) means "Summer" [1], while Umi (?) means "ocean"[2].

Manatsu (まなつ?) means "midsummer" [3].

Cure Summer is the warmest season of the year, coming between Spring and Autumn [4].


Meeting Laura and Becoming Cure Summer

Manatsu sets off to Aozora City to live with her mother, but on the way there, she drops her lipstick into the ocean. She later encounters Laura, who had found her lipstick, and quickly gets excited because she has met a mermaid, even immediately considering Laura as her new friend. When Laura is captured by Chongire's Yaraneeda, Manatsu decides to rescue her, and becomes Cure Summer for the first time. She successfully defeats the Yaraneeda, and slowly becomes closer friends with Laura.TRPC01

Argument and Reconciliation with Laura

When Manatsu starts attending school, she begins to pay less attention to Laura. She later takes Laura to her school per the latter's request, but soon quarrels with Laura after realizing her peers have spotted the mermaid as well as Laura complaining about her not treating her duty as a Cure seriously. At first, she believes that the fault fully lies in Laura, but soon she feels regretful for what she said. She eventually decides to save Laura from Chongire's Yaraneeda, and vows to continue being friends with her, as well as living her life as a student and Cure to the fullest, repairing their friendship.TRPC02

Cure Summer

Tropical Change Cure Summer poses.jpg

Joyful Everlasting Summer! Cure Summer!
Tokimeku Tokonatsu! Kyua Samā!

Cure Summer (キュアサマー?) is Manatsu's Pretty Cure alias. In order to transform, she needs her Tropical Pact and Heart Kuru Ring.


The transformation starts with Manatsu's Tropical Pact appearing. She then holds the pact while removing her Heart Kuru Ring, inserting it into the lock and turning it. The pact opens up, revealing her reflection. Then Manatsu takes the brush and shouts "Let's make up! Bling!" before touching the center of the pact with it, causing it to glow. She then shouts "Cheeks!" as she presses it against her cheeks, giving them a rosy glow. She taps the middle of the pact again and shouts "Eyes!", giving her pink eyeshadow and adding pink heart-shaped flecks to her eyes. She taps it again and shouts "Hair!" as her hair ribbon turns into a giant flower and her hair grows and turns blonde with a magenta ombre. She once again taps it and shouts "Lips!", applying pink lipstick. She taps the middle one more time and shouts "Dress!" as she draws a heart with the brush, which splits into eight hearts. Each of the hearts strike her body, making parts of her outfit appear. First are her shoes, followed by her gloves, then her skirt, top, choker, and earrings. A pouch for her Tropical Pact appears on the left, dropping in. With the transformation complete, Summer runs and leaps into the air doing several spins before starting her introduction. She then winks before announcing her name and striking her final pose.





  • Manatsu's birthday is on August 1st, making her Zodiac sign Leo.
  • Manatsu's most precious item is the lipstick her mother had given her.
  • Manatsu's favorite things are anything that appears to be tropical themed, and school.
  • Manatsu is the first lead Cure whose theme color is white and tropical colored (rainbow) instead of pink.


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