Nebusoku (ネブソック?) is a crow-themed general and a villain from Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure.



Nebusoku is a humanoid bird with black feathers, huge wings, and silver talons. He also has orange hair and yellow markings on his eyes. He wears the Byogens' uniform, with a sleeveless red and black jacket with a matching choker as well as devil horns and a tail.


Nebusoku has a case of acrophobia, the fear of heights. He is also eager to win praise from Daruizen. When facing opponents, he is rather rude and reckless.


Nebusoku comes from "nebusoku" (寝不足?), which means "lack of sleep".


Nebusoku was first born after Daruizen fused a Mega Part with a bird. Once he becomes a humanoid bird, he starts to spread pollution until the Cures arrive to fight him. He is able to almost defeat them, but soon exposes his acrophobia to the Cures. He is eventually purified by Cure Earth and turned back into a bird by Healing Hurricane.


Nebusoku can attack using gusts of wind and firing his feathers at his targets.



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