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Noise (ノイズ Noizu?) is the main antagonist of Suite Pretty Cure♪. His main aim is to complete the Melody of Sadness by controlling Mephisto and Trio the Minor using the Evil Noise, and creating Minor Land. Long before the series, he was sealed away by Otokichi and the Crescendo Tone, but was revived once again when the Melody of Sadness was performed. He planned to erase all sound from the world, but in the end returned to being a chick named P-Chan.


Noise is a black humanoid bird creature who has a white face. His entire body is covered in black feathers with his head and arm plates having red streaks of feathers. He has slender feet with sharp talons. His head appears to be shaped like a beak-like mask.

As a beast, Noise resembles a raven looking dragon, with his entire body in black and having spiky feathery appendages. He has his arms attached to his wings, and his mouth shaped like a beak. He is also shown to have glaring red eyes.

As P-chan, he is a chick with blue eyes, a white face, scruffy orange hair, as well as orange legs with black talons. He originally had golden yellow feathers, but they have changed into silver after he is reborn.


Noise is the true mastermind of the series, and the main controller of Minor Land. For him, the most beautiful sound is silence, so he hates beautiful music and the heartbeat of life and plans to erase all sound from Major Land and the human world. He is described by Aphrodite as the "power of darkness" and by Otokichi as the "most extreme evil", and is thus much feared.

He believes that the heart is foolish and easily swayed by evil, and views his subordinates not as comrades, but as "useless ones" whom he treats with ruthlessness and cruelty. He displayed great joy when he managed to seal away his enemies Otokichi and the Crescendo Tone, but lost control of his emotions when Hibiki pointed out that he was actually unhappy.

After being reborn as P-chan, he has become a much happier being.


First Defeat

In the past, he faced off against the Crescendo Tone during his invasion of Major Land, and though he managed to seal her away in the Healing Chest and hid the Chest away in the Forest of Magical Echoes, his other opponent Otokichi managed to injure him greatly and sealed him in stone, thus fossilizing him.

In his sealed form, he used his last energy to flee from Major Land. When Mephisto entered the Forest to recover the Healing Chest, he brainwashed Mephisto into creating Minor Land. He then used Mephisto to recruit Trio the Minor and Siren, getting them to collect sad energy to revive him.

When he was sealed, he also secretly dispatched subordinate Golems to Major Land to give trouble to the warriors, and ordered Howling and Major 3 to steal all sound from Major Land.[1] His appointed right hand man is Falsetto, and Noise used him to keep an eye on Mephisto and the others.

Revival as Pii-chan

In episode 37, Falsetto manages to sing part of the Melody of Sadness, allowing Noise to escape from his stone confinement. Disguising himself as a little bird, he stays close to Ako, and steals the notes which the Cures had collected.[2] After that, he uses his psychic power to shake the frame of the pipe organ, intending to crush Otokichi, but Hibiki sees through his disguise just in time. Having failed, he returns to Minor Land with his subordinates.

Achieving Final Form

In episode 44, with the Melody of Sadness complete, Falsetto's singing brings Noise fully back to life. He starts turning all humans to stone, plunging the human world into silence. He then heads to Major Land to exterminate all sound, and manages to seal away long-time enemies Otokichi and the Crescendo Tone. However, the Cures manage to injure him gravely, forcing him to retreat for the time being. As an overly-concerned Falsetto fusses over him, he absorbs Falsetto within himself and makes a miraculous recovery. After absorbing Bassdrum and Baritone as well, he evolves into his final humanoid form. Much stronger than before, he defeats the four Cures in one blow and turned the rest of Major Land into stone.

Last Battle

In episode 47, the Cures ask Noise what his true goal was. He finally admits that due to his ugly and fearsome voice and appearance, he had been continually shunned by the world. Full of hatred, he intended to create a silent world in which even he would cease to exist. Hearing that, Cure Melody realizes that Noise's heart is actually full of sorrow and pain.

After a fierce battle, the Crescendo Cures purify Noise with their final attack, Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo. Before he disappears, the Cures catch him, telling him that their goal is to "protect his smile". Hearing that, Noise smiles at the Cures for the last time before vanishing into light. 

At the end of episode 48, the Cures go to the outside of the church where Otokichi and the Crescendo Tone reside to waiting for them. Suddenly a familiar bird noise appears, alarming Otokichi and Crescendo Tone. It is Noise appearing as P-chan standing on the stones. Strangely, the Cures are glad to see him as he is a "friend" to them, confusing Otokichi. They tell him even though happiness doesn't mean sadness, it doesn't disappear and they want to move forward to tomorrow with P-Chan. Hibiki tells P-chan that they will be together, making P-chan happier.




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