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Nono Kotori
野乃ことり Nono Kotori
Nono Kotori infobox
SeasonHUGtto! Pretty Cure
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorDark red
Home PlaceHagukumi City
RelativesNono Hana (older sister)
Nono Shintarou (father)
Nono Sumire (mother)
Anno Tanpopo (grandmother)

Hagumi (future niece)
George Kurai (future brother-in-law)

First AppearanceHuPC01
Japanese Voice ActorSato Amina

Nono Kotori (野乃ことり Nono Kotori?) is a minor character who appears in HUGtto! Pretty Cure. She is Nono Hana's younger sister who is in elementary school.


Kotori has red eyes and short dark red hair, which is tied up into two small pigtails. She wears a light green T-shirt, with frills on the side of each sleeve and wears a two-layer pink skirt underneath it, which has light pink frills on it. She also wears light blue shoes, with pink bows on it and white knee-high socks.


She likes to be the center of her mother's attention while Hana watches on childishly. Kotori's excuse is "Well, I'm a cute child, aren't I?". She tends to act like a snob sometimes.




Nono (野乃?) - No (?) means "field" and "wild [1] while No (?) has no particular meaning and can be seen as a syllabus, in which it could be indicated as a possessive word [2], making "Nono" mean "of fields" or just "wild".

Kotori (ことり?) - Kotori is a Japanese name, which usually comes from 小鳥, which means "small birds".


  • Kotori has three colored hair clips that coincidentally appear to represent Cures Yell, Ange, and Étoile.
  • In the future, she grows up to become a cheerleading coach.


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