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Nono Sumire
野乃すみれ Nono Sumire
Nono Sumire infobox.png
Season HUGtto! Pretty Cure
Gender Female
Eye Color Dark pink
Hair Color Auburn
Home Place Hagukumi City
Relatives Nono Hana (oldest daughter)
Nono Shintarou (husband)
Nono Kotori (youngest daughter)
Anno Tanpopo (mother)

Hagumi (future granddaughter)

First Appearance HuPC01
Japanese Voice Actor Kuwatani Natsuko

Nono Sumire (野乃すみれ Nono Sumire?), born as Anno Sumire, is a minor character who appears in HUGtto! Pretty Cure. She works as a reporter. She is the mother of Nono Hana and Nono Kotori, and married to Nono Shintarou. Her daughters call her 'Mama'.


Sumire has dark pink eyes with slightly curled auburn hair tied into a side ponytail with a purple scrunchie. She usually wears an oval-shaped pair of glasses. Normally, she wears a pink top with a lavender blazer, dark storm blue trousers, and black heels. She also wears a necklace and a brown wristwatch.

As a Pretty Cure in in Episode 48, her hair grows extremely long and is worn with a lilac frilly brim and two gold diamond clips to match her earrings and the decoration on her chest. She wears a flowing lilac, white, and yellow jacket-like dress over a purple outfit to accent her pom-poms and the ribbon tied around her waist. She also has red lipstick.


A mother who deeply cares for her daughters' well being and is very kind and loving. She knows how to put on a great performance during the job and is known for being a friendly and hardworking colleague.




  • Her mother's surname is Anno, so it can be assumed that her maiden name prior to marrying Shintarou was Anno.
    • Therefore, her original name is 庵野すみれ (Anno Sumire?).
  • Episode 48 reveals that she has been knowing that Hana is Cure Yell for the entire time.


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