STPC04 The evil lair

The Notraiders (ノットレイダー?) are an intergalactic army of space raiders and the main villains in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure.

Their goal was the domination of the universe by acquiring all the Star Color Princess Pens and capturing Fuwa to remove all light from the universe. Their theme is based on Japanese mythological creatures, the youkai (妖怪 Yōkai?)

After Darknest/Ophiuchus's departure, the Notraiders have returned to the good side and have renewed their former lair into a botanic garden 15 years later.


In episode 11, it was revealed that they all come from the dark and forgotten parts of the universe.

In episode 19, it is revealed that Bakenyan, Aiwarn's butler, turned out to be one of Blue Cat's aliases that she used to gain information on the Notraiders and Aiwarn after the latter accidentally destroyed her home planet Rainbow.

After episode 21, Aiwarn has left the Notraiders after feeling too ashamed to return to headquarters due to being defeated by the team on Planet Rainbow. She then starts to work independently as a villain.

In episode 32, it was also revealed that Darknest recruited Garuouga, Kappard, and Tenjo after Garuouga and Kappard's planets had been destroyed and after Tenjo had left her planet.

In episode 38, it was revealed that Aiwarn joined the Notraiders when she was a lonely and insecure orphan. She also perfected her skills as an inventor as a member of the Notraiders by inventing numerous inventions, notably the Nottorei uniforms.

In episode 47, after Darknest's betrayal to them, the Notraiders switche sides to aid the Cures.

In episode 49, the Notraiders have turned a new leaf by renovating their former headquarters into a botanic garden.


Name Image Motif First Appearance
Darknest/Ophiuchus Star Princess (Leader)
Uwabami Episode 11
Garuouga (Second in command)
Galogre Toei
Oni Episode 4
Kappard (Commander)
Kappard Toei
Kappa Episode 1
Tenjo (Commander)
Tenjo Toei
Karasu-Tengu Episode 3
Aiwarn  (Commander; left prior to episode 27)
Eyeone Toei
Hitotsume-kozō Episode 4
Bakenyan (Butler; revealed to be an alias of Yuni in episode 19)
Bakeneko Episode 4
Nottorei (Footsoldiers)
Nottorei profile
Episode 1
Nottoriga (Monsters)
STPC06 Nottoreiga
Depends on the object that it is based on. Episode 6


Their name is derived from the verb "nottoru", (乗っ取る) which means to "take over".



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