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Nottorei profile

Nottorei (ノットレイ Nottorei?) are the foot soldiers of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure. They are usually accompanied by Kappard and Tenjo. The Nottoreis are voiced by Yoshimitsu Shimoyama and Kenta Tanaka.


They are mainly light grey in color with dark grey sleeves and a belt. They wear white gloves and boots with dark grey tops. Their face is also light grey with a dark grey antenna on their head. On their face is the word "NO" in vertical (the "O" is their mouth) which is colored purple. It is shown in episode 3 that they can be in different sizes.

List of Giant Nottoreis

After Tenjo gets empowered by Darknest, she can now turn a victim into a Nottorei by darkening his or her heart with her weapons and then enlarges them to become a giant version of a Nottorei with a black heart on its chest.

Episode Image Form Abilities Summoned by Defeated with Origin
Episode 14
STPC14 Touma turned into a Nottorei
Amamiya Touma Can swing giant lollipop around like a mace Tenjo Southern Cross Shot From Amamiya Touma who just wants an ordinary family.
Episode 18
STPC18 Terumi as a Nottorei
Hoshina Terumi Uses palette as a shield and can both spray ink and create speech bubbles with paintbrush Tenjo Southern Cross Shot From Hoshina Terumi who imagined being a successful manga artist.
Episode 22
STPC22 Giant Nottorei
Hoshina Harukichi Can shoot laser beam from the head Tenjo Rainbow Splash From Hoshina Harukichi who thought he raised his son Youichi wrong.
Episode 24
STPC24 Tenjo's Nottorei
Irma Has cannons on the shoulders Tenjo Rainbow Splash From Irma who thought she was being rude to her friend if she ever laughed.
Episode 25
STPC25 The giant Nottorei
Original form Can duplicate Tenjo Southern Cross Shot From the Nottorei who are a bunch of Nottorei combining themselves to become a giant.
Episode 29
STPC29 Lala and the Nottorei using up all their might
Kuku Produce electricity Tenjo Rainbow Splash From Kuku.
Episode 34
STPC34 Giant Nottorei
Saboro Fires needles from its arms Tenjo Star Twinkle Imagination From Saboro who was upset about feeling rejected by everyone he meets.


They appear in episode 1 with Kappard to take Fuwa. They fight Cure Star but due to not being very strong, they are defeated very quickly.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight: With the help of rocket shoes that are on their feet it allows them to fly in the air.
  • They are shown to possess laser guns in episode 3, which they used to attack Cure Star with.
  • In episode 4 it was shown that they possess a smoke bomb to attack the Cures with.


Official Profile/Art



  • Their name is derived from the verb "nottoru", (乗っ取る) which means to "take over".
  • After Aiwarn discharges herself from the Notraiders, Nottorei has replaced Nottoriga as the main monster of the season.
  • Nottorei is the first type of monster/minion that can be created with or without a victim.

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