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Numeri (ヌメリー?) is one of the Witch of Delays' servants from Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure.



Numeri is a lavender and pink sea slug with wavy dark purple hair. Her eyes are turquoise, and she wears pink lipstick and eyeshadow. She wears a green shirt underneath a white doctor's coat.


She has a laid-back personality. She is also quite sarcastic and enjoys relishing in other's agony.


  • Witch of Delays: She is one of her servants, and her role is being her doctor.
  • Elda: She has a soft spot for Elda, occasionally acting as sort of a motherly figure and taking care of her when needed.


In episode 4, Numeri puts a bandage on Chongire's claw as he cut it while cooking food. She is then asked by Butler to gather some Motivation Power. She does so, however she is unsuccessful since the Pretty Cure manage to take back what she had taken.

In episode 5, Numeri summons a Yaraneeda from a Totem Pole, which proves to be challenging for the three Cures. After witnessing Cure Flamingo's appearance, she leaves by sarcastically saying she will be more "gentle" next time as she takes her leave.

In episode 6, she assures an upset Elda that she will defeat the Pretty Cure and reaches for the orb in the pocket of her jacket, but the orb was missing. She then assumes that she lost it, with it ending up in the penguin statue's basket.

In episode 16, Numeri figures out that Laura is the Cures' ally, and devises a plan to steal the Mermaid Aqua Pot, which Chongire accepts. Later in episode 17, she and Chongire attack a cruise ship and their Zenzen Yaraneeda successfully overpower Coral, Papaya and Flamingo, but they are defeated and shocked after La Mer joins the Cures.


  • Summoning the Yaraneedas
    • Like her comrades, Numeri is able to summon Yaraneedas by throwing a ball of dark energy at objects to steal Motivation Power from humans.



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