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Nyatoran (ニャトラン?) is one of the main fairies and Hinata's fairy partner from the series Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. He is a tabby cat like fairy who ends his sentences with "~nya" (「~ニャ」?).



Nyantoran is a small fairy resembling a pastel yellow cat with orange stripes. His slightly slanted eyes are light brown and he has pink blushed cheeks to match his inner-ear. A fanged tooth sticks out on one side of his mouth. He has a tuft of auburn spiked hair at the middle of his head, and white fur around his neck with two gold diamonds.


Nyatoran is very free-spirited and much like Hinata, who he gets along with, says whatever is on his mind. He is also a show off who can act too cool.

Under his free-spirited nature, though, he can sometimes get slightly impatient and serious.


  • Hiramitsu Hinata - At first, Nyatoran is not comfortable around Hinata but soon grows fond of her and chooses her as his partner.


After many failed attempts at finding a partner, Nyatoran comes across Hinata when he returns her lip gloss. However, he accidentally speaks in front of her. Due to being impressed by Hinata's willingness to help her friends, he officially chooses Hinata as his partner to defeat the Megabyogen.



  • Nyatoran's birthday is on February 22nd, making his star sign Aquarius. February 22 is also coincidentally Cat Day in Japan [1].
  • He shares his voice actor with Jun from Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!.


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