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Odajima Yuka (小田島 友華 Odajima Yuka?) (Emma in the English Dub) is the top star of Verone Academy. She excels in many fields such as sports, arts, and science and is seen participating in many club activities such as tea ceremonies, playing for wind ensemble club and performing speeches for the English conversation club. She often will join the clubs as a ringer in order to help them get into regional tournaments or beat other school teams, such as Tennis or Volleyball.

Her family's wealthy nature is shown in many ways such as when she is caught oversleeping for school she gets driven to school in a limousine, she also learns additional English outside of school as well as piano.



Yuka is a pretty girl with brown eyes and long, wavy brown hair framing her shoulders with tightly curled forelocks and short bangs. She wears a pale pink ribbon in her hair. Normally, she is shown wearing the Verone Academy uniform. But she also has various uniforms from the clubs she attends or assists.


Sensible, mature, and cautious, Yuka is the academy Madonna and upholds her image seriously. She is competitive but always in control, acting with poise and elegance. As much as she would like to indulge in childish activities, she forces herself not to in order to avoid ruining her image. Deep down she is shown to be a little sad that she feels forced to do this, and she really wishes she could have fun like other girls her age, so she envies girls like Nagisa and Honoka, who have many friends and are always having fun.


Yuka is seen as perfect and is a role model for her fellow students. She has been a member of the Science Club since her first year of junior high school, but due to her participation within other fields she rarely has the time to attend the club activities. She meets Poisony, disguised as a Fortune Teller who tells her she can solve her problems. This causes Zakenna to enter her shadow, taking the form of Yuka and become many versions of her.


Nagisa Misumi

Nagisa often misinterprets Yuka's words and actions as a sign that Yuka hates her, but Honoka always insists this isn't true. They have a rivalry due to them both being equally good at various sports.


Odajima (小田島?): O (?) means "small", Da (?) means "field", while Jima (?) means "island".

Yuka (友華?): Yu (?) means "friend" while Ka (?) means "flower".


  • In the last episode of the first season it is shown that Yuka is graduating which indicates that she is a year older than Honoka Yukishiro and Nagisa Misumi.
  • She shares her voice actress with Chinen Miyuki and Cure Empress.
  • She is known as the Verone Academy's Madonna.
  • On the Lacrosse team, her number is 29.


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