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Oikawa Yumeo
追川 夢男 Oikawa Yumeo
Oikawa Yumeo
SeasonStar☆Twinkle Pretty Cure
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceMihoshi Town
First AppearanceSTPC18
Japanese Voice ActorShimozaki Hiroshi

Oikawa Yumeo (追川 夢男?) is an editor of Monthly Morning Glory who is in charge of helping Hoshina Terumi get her manga serialized.


Yumeo has brown hair with matching eyes. He wears a white dress shirt underneath a blue jacket. His pants are grey, held up by a brown belt and his shoe ares brown.


Yumeo is a man who is afraid to take risks, and prefers to repeat formulas that have previously sold well in the manga industry. However, after reading Terumi's fantasy themed manga, he realises what matters is that the manga is enjoyable.


In episode 18, he turns up and tries to give advice to Terumi so her manga can be a hit. In which no fantasy or sci-fi elements allowed. Only hot men, love stories, and stories about doctors would sell well in Monthly Morning Glory. However, he witnesses Terumi add sci-fi elements to her story. Yumeo butts in and says that that won't do for a love story. Instead, there should be an inpatient who is a rival to the nurse for the doctor's heart. Terumi agrees and Yumeo leaves to have her write in peace.

A weeks later, the big day comes and Yumeo tries to convince the president of the company to take Terumi's writing only for it to be rejected. Later that night, he turns up and reads Terumi's latest project and thoroughly enjoys it. Thus he admits to having been wrong about repeating old formulas; he was so focused on making a hit that he forgot to focus on how enjoyable the manga was. He's excited to help Terumi get serialized.


  • Hoshina Terumi - Since he is in charge of overseeing Terumi's work, he gives her advice in hopes she'll succeed. At first, he constantly rejected her efforts owing to his fear of taking risks, but soon approved her after reading her finalised manga.



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