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Olyfio (オリーフィオ ?) is a minor character who appears in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure. Olyfio is the ruler of Planet Rainbow and is referred to as the "Everlasting Olyfio" due to having been alive for hundreds of years.


Olyfio has long blonde hair that splits into two at their neck, emerald green eyes and grey fur. Long green earrings hang from their ears. They wear a white dress with gold ornaments and a light green see-through cloth hanging from their belt and neckpiece. Their gold ornaments are decorated with green jewels. Their sleeves are see-through and blue colored decorated with gold ornaments.


Olyfio gives off a warm, friendly vibe, acting as the parent figure of all residents on Rainbow. They prefer to avoid confrontations, as they didn’t retaliate when Aiwarn invaded Rainbow.


Many years ago, Olyfio's people, the Silverline Cats, had to flee to an uninhabited planet since they were feared due to their ability to shape-shift between human and feline. On this nameless planet, Olyfio told them that even after the hard rain that they were going through, a rainbow would eventually arrive. Thus, they named their new home Planet Rainbow.

For many years, they lived on the planet in peace until Aiwarn appeared. Olyfio tried to avoid confrontation, but Aiwarn decided to use the Dark Pen anyway. Unfortunately, it backfired on Aiwarn, releasing a gas that covered the whole planet. Olyfio told Yuni and some others to send everyone to the temple and to notify the people in the mines. However, there was no escape. Olyfio, along with everyone but Yuni, was turned to stone.

After Yuni returns to the planet and restores Olyfio back to life, Olyfio embraces Yuni with immense gratitude, and later forgives Aiwarn by allowing Aiwarn to be part of their society.


  • Yuni - Olyfio appears to have a strong bond with Yuni, since in many of Yuni's flashback, Olyfio is shown to always rely on her when issues arise or reach out to her in moments like festivals.
  • Aiwarn - Olyfio was one of the many victims Aiwarn had inflicted. However, Olyfio still forgives Aiwarn and allows her to become part of the Planet Rainbow society.


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