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 Ootori Tamaki (鳳 玉木 Ōtori Tamaki?) (or Tiffany O'Hara in the English dub Glitter Force Doki Doki) is a minor character appearing in Doki Doki! Pretty CureShe is an actress.



Tamaki is an adult woman with brown straitened hair framing her shoulders. She wears makeup and has sharp brown eyes. Normally she wears a white top with a dark green vest, pants, and black heels.

For her role as the "The Evil Queen" from Snow White, she wears a purple dress and crown.


Tamaki initially appears to be a cruel and frigid person, but Makoto eventually learns that Tamaki was being hard on her out of respect for the acting profession, which Makoto wasn't taking seriously at the time. After Makoto tries harder in her role, she earns Tamaki's respect and friendship.


Tamaki saw that Makoto was not doing well and missing lines from the script, and then Tamaki pushed herself to act more better than Makoto. But then seeing it again, she then scolded Makoto for not doing good and has to try better, and Makoto then became sad. Her friends, Mana, Alice, and Rikka saw it, and then they went her stage room and spoke with her about the problem. They said to Makoto to try better while they do her job to find Princess Marie Ange. Makoto then decides to be better than Tamaki. Makoto then prepares herself, but then sees Tamaki's acting. Makoto gets flattered by it, and thinks that she isn't like her. Tamaki keeps acting till she gets interrupted by Regina who was looking for a Jikochuu. Tamaki orders her to leave, however Regina then turns her heart into a Jikochuu. Makoto transforms into Cure Sword to save her life. Her friends arrive and start to fight with her. With the help of Ai-chan's Loveads, they defeat the Jikochuu, with Lovely Force Arrow

In the end, Tamaki thanks Makoto for saving her life, and gives her her script, while Makoto gives her script to Tamaki to remember each other. Then the Cures Royal Crystals that they gathered begins to glow on Tamaki's script and a new Royal Crystal is found from the script.

During Selfish King's invasion of Oogai Town, Tamaki is shown helping the broadcasting crews to evacuate alongside Haruna.



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