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Ouji Masamune
王子 正宗 Ōji Masamune
Kanon p 11
SeasonSuite Pretty Cure♪
Eye ColorAmber
Hair ColorBlond
Home PlaceKanon Town
First AppearanceSPC03
Japanese Voice ActorHisafumi Oda

Ouji Masamune (王子 正宗 Ōji Masamune ?) is a student in the third year of Private Aria Academy. He is popular with girls, particularly Kanade who has a crush on him. Also he's the school idol, and the leader of the group called the "Musical Princes". He has feelings for Siren/Ellen.


The Concert and Hibiki's hate of music

Dan Hojo is helping Ouji practice for the concert later that night and comments that Ouji is not really playing. Hibiki gets mad remembering when she was told the same thing. Later after the concert is attacked by a Negatone, both of them understand what Hibiki's father meant.

Ouji's birthday

Ouji's birthday was hosted at Lucky Spoon by the rest of the Musical Princes with the permission of Kanade. But Siren tried to stop him by making him fall in a deep sleep. But later on, he still woke up by Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm. Many people, mostly girls, greet him with gifts.


  • Hojo Maria: He is a big fan of Hibiki's mother, Hojo Maria, just like the rest of Hibiki's class.
  • Siren/ Kurokawa Ellen: He showed affection to Siren when she was telling him she was getting bullied. He gave some advice but Siren never knew he showed affection to her. Ouji also saved Siren when she was about to be hit by a car when she was trying to catch a note.


  • Ouji plays in a band, he plays the piano.




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