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Outa Yuuko
アウタ優子 Outa Yūko
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Japanese Voice ActorMasako Jō

Outa Yuuko (太田優子 Outa Yūko?) is Saki and Mai's fellow classmate and friend of Saki. She is on the Softball team as the catcher usually. Being a friend and classmate of the main characters, she makes appearances many times through Splash Star.

She has a crush on Kenta, who happens to have a crush on Saki.


Yuuko is slightly bigger framed then her friends and has a boyish appearance. Her brown hair is shoulder length with few bangs and a small portion of hair worn in a small side-tail held by a scrunchie. She has brown eyes a slightly different color.

Besides her uniform, she is shown in sporty or tomboyish clothing, such as a pair of jeans with an orange shirt and a red and white sports jacket.


Yuuko is a friendly girl who shares a lot in common with Saki. To encourage her, she often makes a bet during practice to buy her ice cream or other snacks if she is capable of doing whatever she gives her as a goal. Although she is tomboyish, she has a few feminine traits.



Yuuko: From Japanese 優 (yū) "gentleness, superiority", 悠 (yū) "distant, leisurely" or 裕 (yū) "abundant" combined with 子 (ko) "child".




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