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Pegitan (ペギタン?) is one of the main fairies and Chiyu's fairy partner in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. He is a penguin like fairy who ends his sentences with "~pē" (~ペエ?).



Pegitan is a small fairy resembling a light blue and white penguin. He has light blushed cheeks and a pastel yellow beak to match his feet. His big, rounded eyes are turquoise and he has a light blue dot above each one. On his forehead is a small tuft of pale cream hair, and he wears a pale aqua collar with a blue droplet gem at the center.


Pegitan is very intelligent but is shy and lacking in confidence. However, he is the voice of reason, providing his friends with good advice from time to time. Despite being modest, he will do what he can if things aren't working out right. He loves hot springs, to the point that he'll get competitive when cleaning them to impress Chiyu.


  • Sawaizumi Chiyu - Pegitan warms up and befriends Chiyu after knowing that she is a kind and helpful girl. He always wants to be a cool partner for her.
  • Sawaizumi Touji - Originally, Pegitan thinks Touji is his rival. But after seeing Touji try his best to succeed, he starts to change his mind.
  • Rabirin and Nyatoran - Pegitan is good friends with his fellow Healing Animal companions.
  • Latte - Pegitan has a good relationship with Latte and acts as her big brother.


Sometime after being looked after by Nodoka, Pegitan struggles to find himself a partner. He then encounters Chiyu, whose family inn is having issues with its hot springs. Chiyu then realizes how serious the situation is thanks to the Megabyogen and volunteers to become his partner. In the beginning, Pegitan is hesitant because of his lack of confidence, but Chiyu encourages him. After the battle, he moves to her house.HGPC03

When he visits the aquarium with the others, Pegitan gets separated from Chiyu. When he is trying to find her, he accidentally runs into Shindoine who proceeds to hold him captive. He doesn't get rescued until the girls arrive. HGPC05

When Chiyu is unable to perform a successful high jump, Pegitan begins to worry about her. He does some research, where he learns that she may have yips. He becomes upset when he is told Nodoka and Hinata went shopping, thinking they didn't care about Chiyu. But when he visits them, he finds them creating a banner to cheer Chiyu on at the tournament. After the battle, he congratulates Chiyu after she finally overcomes her mental obstacle and performs a successful high jump. HGPC08

After getting scared while watching a horror film, Pegitan views himself as a coward and runs off, while imagining himself as someone who could protect Chiyu. However, a little girl named Riri mistakes him to be an abandoned plushie and takes him to her house. Realizing he was taken, Pegitan continues to act as a plushie. While with Riri, he is named "Josephine", and is dressed up to appear more feminine. Pegitan struggles to be a plushie when his stomach growls, leading Riri to believe she found an actual penguin. Later on, Pegitan learns that Riri is a transfer student who is getting bullied at her new school. Pegitan becomes conflicted when Chiyu finds him, as he wants to help Riri, but returns to Chiyu after Riri runs away. However, Chiyu allows Pegitan to visit Riri again. HGPC25

Upon noticing Chiyu feeling conflicted about choosing a particular dream, Pegitan grows concerned but is uncertain how to help her feel better, until he sees the banner Chiyu's friends made for her. When Fontaine is discouraged by Shindoine, he encourages Fontaine to pursue both of her goals by using the same words she once told him. He is very happy when Chiyu is able to make up her mind. HGPC38

After the final battle with King Byogen, Pegitan bids Chiyu an emotional farewell, before returning to the Healing Garden with Fuurin Asumi and his fellow Healing Animals. HGPC44 He later brings the three girls around Healing Garden and fights against the sweet bun Megabyogen with Fontaine before the girls take their leave. HGPC45


Pegitan's voice actor, Takeda Hana has participated in one image song for the character she voices. She sings this image song as a duet with Yorita Natsu, the voice of Sawaizumi Chiyu.



  • Pegitan's birthday is on April 25th, making his star sign Taurus. April 25th is also known as World Penguin Day.
  • Episode 25 revealed that he has a fear for large dogs.


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