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Pegitan (ペギタン?) is one of the main fairies and Chiyu's fairy partner from the series Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. He is a penguin like fairy who ends his sentences with "~pē" (~ペエ?).



Pegitan is a small fairy resembling a light blue and white penguin. He has light blushed cheeks and a pastel yellow beak to match his feet. His big, rounded eyes are turquoise and he has a light blue dot above each one. On his forehead is a small tuft of pale cream hair, and he wears a pale blue collar with a blue droplet gem at the center.


Pegitan is very intelligent but is shy and lacking in confidence. However, he is the voice of reason, providing his friends with good advice from time to time. Despite being modest, he will do what he can if things aren't working out right. He loves hot springs.


  • Sawaizumi Chiyu - Pegitan warms up and befriends Chiyu after knowing that she is a kind and helpful girl.


Sometime after being looked after by Nodoka, Pegitan struggles to find himself a partner. He then encounters Chiyu, whose family inn is having issues with its hot springs. Chiyu then realizes how serious the situation is thanks to the Megabyogen and volunteers to become his partner. In the beginning, Pegitan is hesitant because of his lack of confidence, but Chiyu encourages him. After the battle, he moves to her house.



  • Pegitan's birthday is on April 25th, making his star sign Taurus. April 25 is also known as World Penguin Day.


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