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Pekorin (ペコリン?) is the main mascot for the KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode series. She is a puppy-like fairy who has long aspired to meet the legendary patissières Pretty Cure, so she often tries to face off with the enemy, only to get either blown away or hurt. She ends her sentences with "~peko". Her alter ego is Cure Pekorin (キュアペコリン?), the Pretty Cure of Hunger and Sparkles.



Pekorin is a pale pink dog-like fairy with big blue eyes and pink blushed cheeks. She has fluffy hair resembling a cream dollop held by pink spheres, and she has very fluffy ears that are shown changing color based on her feelings or mood. She wears an apricot bib around her neck with a pale cream fork and spoon crossing over each other.

As a human child, she has fair skin and baby pink hair styled similar to her ears and hair from Mascot form. Her eyes and cheeks are the same. She wears a pale chiffon puffy dress with white bloomers, white long sleeves, her bib, and light pink baby shoes with two magenta spheres on the foot.

As a human teenager, she has grown a bit taller, and her hair has grown out as well. She also wears the KiraPati uniform.

As Cure Pekorin, her hair turns pink and is worn in a pair of twin-tails held by a strawberry iced donut attached to her spherical chains. She wears pearl pink blouse with cream spheres circling the cuff, a frilly white collar with a magenta bow, and a white and pink frilly strip going down the middle. Her pale cream balloon skirt has pink cream and a pattern of red dots around the top making it resemble a donut, trim with white frills. On the corner is the Sweets Pact, resting on a pearl pink bow. On her back is a large pearl pink ribbon. She also wears pale cream gloves with a baby pink cuff to match her icing covered boots, which have a pink cuff.

Pekorin doesn't have an À La Mode transformation like the other Cures, but when they changed into their À La Mode forms in episode 48, the bow on Pekorin's back grew larger, resembling a double donut. This change allowed her to fly after the other Cures without riding on one of their crystal animals like she did before, so it can be considered Pekorin's À La Mode style.


Pekorin is a rather spoiled fairy and is a glutton who is always seems to be hungry. She is passionate at making sweets, though is prone to make mistakes. But she is usually goodhearted and amiable to her friends, and will go at far lengths to help them by protecting their sweets.


  • Usami Ichika - When she met Ichika, Pekorin quickly bonded with her after Ichika fed her and rescued her as Cure Whip, so Pekorin is the closest to her among the Cures. When they had to leave each other after the finale, Pekorin was beyond heartbroken.
  • Chourou - Being Chourou's apprentice, Pekorin respects him and is frequently seen accompanying him.
  • Kirarin/Kirahoshi Ciel - Pekorin and Kirarin are close friends with each other. In episode 21, Pekorin was overjoyed to reunite with Kirarin who transformed from Ciel back into her fairy form.
  • Kotozume Yukari - Pekorin is good friends with Yukari, and she enjoys how Yukari strokes her gently.


ぺこりん (pekorin?) is an onomatopoeia signifying a quick bow, while ペコペコ (pekopeko?) means "very hungry". It is also based on Pecorino which is an Italian cheese made from sheep's milk, hence her slightly lamb-like appearance.


In episode 1, Pekorin runs into Ichika when she fails to prevent Gummy from stealing Kirakiraru. Hungry, Pekorin asks Ichika for a sweet, but notices that Ichika is saddened over her mother not being able to return home. When Gummy reappears and begins draining the Kirakiraru from Ichika’s cakes, Pekorin flies off with the last piece in a bid to protect it, only to be hit by Gummy and fall at a fast rate. Her efforts move Ichika who is then motivated to rescue her and she ends up being caught by Ichika who becomes Cure Whip for the first time.

In episode 7, Pekorin tries to made some donuts with the girls but fails thanks to Ichika's forgetfulness. When Chourou tells the story of how the fairies from Ichigo Mountain have been scattered because of the Kirakiraru Thieves, Pekorin can't help but cry before flying away. After Ichika encourages her, she regains her confidence. But during her trip to the mountain's abandoned workshop, she can't control her urge to eat a donut and as a result she is spotted by Fueru. Fortunately, the Cures arrive and defend her from Fueru in time.

In episode 15, Pekorin pretens to be an actual dog to avoid suspicion from Kenjou Miku, though she carelessly meows before realizing her mistake and changes to yelping. Miku is a bit suspicious of her in the beginning, but adores her and gives her a hug.

In episode 21, Pekorin organizes a party with the Cures to gather her fellow fairies back, and is overjoyed to reunite with the majority of them. At first, she can't recognize Kirahoshi Ciel, until Ciel transforms back into Kirarin, which she responds in pure happiness. In episode 23, after finding out that Julio is Pikario, Pekorin begs him to return to the good side, only to be harshly rejected by him.

In episode 38, Pekorin is granted the ability to transform into a human by Lumière. However, she later gives up this ability during the Cures' fight against Grave because she is desperate to help the Cures.

In episode 45, Pekorin asks Yukari on whether would she stay with Ichika forever. Not wanting to upset Pekorin, Yukari tells the former a white lie. When Pekorin realizes that Yukari is indeed planning to study aboard, she feels lied and breaks down in tears. After the Cures' battle with Elisio, Yukari gives Pekorin, Ichika, Himari and Aoi a hug.

In episode 47, Pekorin and Chourou try searching for their friends in the quiet Ichigozaka. They eventually find their friends, but they are shocked to realize they have suffered from loss of emotions and amnesia. Hoping to rekindle their memories, Pekorin bakes a batch of donuts, only for Grave to arrest her and Chourou. Her confiscated donuts are almost incinerated, but she retrieves them which gives her the power to transform into Cure Pekorin. She joins forces with the other Cures in episode 48's final battle.

In episode 49, Cure Pekorin and the rest of the fairies help the Cures defeat Chourou's giant body. A few years later, she has grown up into a teenager and has opened her own sweets shop with Chourou and Bibury.


She can feel the scent of energy called "Kirakiraru" which resides in sweets. Pekorin can even change the color of her ears based on her emotions:

  • Light Blue - Hunger
  • Pink - Happiness
  • Yellow - Spoiled
  • Green - Fatigue
  • Red - Peevish
  • Dark Blue - Sadness

In addition, Pekorin has the ability to fly.

In episode 38Lumière grants her the power to become a human. She loses that ability, however, when she helps the Cures counter Grave's attack. She regains the ability in episode 47 after vowing to protect her donuts and to save the girls from being emotionless.

In addition to being able to turn into a human once more, she was given Cure powers and was able to transform into Cure Pekorin. With this form, she helps the other Cures recover their memories and remember the things that they love. In the next episode, she helped the Cures in the final battle against Elisio, gaining the ability to fly as the Cures form changed.

Cure Pekorin

KKPCALM47-Cure Pekorin ready.png
"With Hunger and Sparkles! Let's・La・Mix It All Up! Cure Pekorin! Is Ready To Serve!"
Pekopeko to Kirakira wo! Rettsu・Ra・Mazemaze! Kyua Pekorin! Dekiagari!

Cure Pekorin (キュアペコリン?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Pekorin. She transforms using the phrase "Cure La Mode・Decoration!". As donuts are her favorite sweets, her Cure outfit features many donut shapes.



  • Cure Donut: Her only known formal attack, used in episode 49. Pekorin swings her Candy Rod around in a large circle while shouting "Calling forth a Cure Donut!" (キュアドーナツフルウ!?). A stream of kirakiraru follows the motion of her Candy Rod, then grows into a giant ring (donut) of kirakiraru. The ring is then sent to capture and restrict the foe by pointing her Candy Rod at them, while shouting "kirakirakirarun kirakiraru!".


Pekorin's voice actress, Kanai Mika, has participated in two image songs for the character she voices. One of them includes a duet which she sings alongside Miyama Karen, the voice actress of Usami Ichika.

Group songs


  • She is good at imitating cats and dogs.


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