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Emperor Pierrot (ピエーロ Piēro?), (called Emperor Nogo in Glitter Force) is the ruler of Bad End Kingdom and the main antagonist of Smile Pretty Cure. For the first half of the season, the Bad End Kingdom villains worked to collect enough Bad Energy to revive him, as he had been sealed away by Royale Queen before the start of the story. In episode 23, he was successfully revived, but temporarily defeated by the Princess Cures. However, a piece of King Pierrot (possibly his heart) managed to escape.


Sometime before the start of the series he was sealed away at the same time the Royale Queen fell into a deep slumber. His minions have been collecting bad energy to revive him and seem to have succeeded only to have him suffer a temporary defeat at the hands of the Pretty Cures who attained their Princess forms. A piece of him seems to have been shot off into space where he undergoes a transformation and a second revival.

He is eventually reawakened when Joker sacrifices himself. When he is nearly defeated by the Ultra Cures, he transforms into a black hole intending to destroy the planet, but the Ultra Cures transform one last time and together they destroy him once and for all.

Despite not appearing in-person in the Smile novel, he is revealed to have his remained fragments fused with Joker, making Joker extremely powerful.


Pierrot is probably based off the classic character Pierrot from Commedia dell'Arte, given his name, and his close relation with the symbolism of human suffering, despair, and sadness. He also retains monochromatic face make-up, a large ruffled collar around his neck, and dresses clownish, like classic Pierrot is most often portrayed.

When the four generals of the Bad Kingdom (Joker, Akaoni, Wolfrun and Majorina) first attempted to revive him, he resembled a gigantic clown, dressed in a dark purple suit. He had red glowing eyes, a red nose and raven-colored hair, decorated with 4 colored balls that resemble the Akanbe noses. He also had a purple flame aura erupting from the top of his head.

When he is successfully revived at full power toward the very end of the series, he most notably no longer has a clown nose, and has very large black wings sprouted from his back, with small holes torn in them. He also has a more lithe upper-body build.


As the head of the villains, Pierrot is fierce and intense, and a blast of Bad Energy from his mouth easily defeated the Cures' Rainbow Healing attack. However, his just-awakened state was no match for the Cure's upgraded Princess Forms, and he was temporarily defeated by the new attack Rainbow Burst. He also has the ability to create magical black ink, which the Bad End Commanders use to create Bad End Space and gather Bad Energy from despair. When awakened, Pierrot can manipulate this ink into attacks or monsters, as well as absorb it to empower himself.


  • In popular culture, Pierrot is a term used to describe a sad clown and was a classic character from the stories of the play, Commedia dell'Arte. It is derived from the word "Pierre", which means "Peter" in French. This name became a Japanese loanword (piero ピエロ) which means "clown." More on Pierrot here.



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