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Pikarigaoka School Student

Students in the school

Pikarigaoka Middle School (ぴかりが丘中学校 Pikarigaoka Chūgakkō?) is the school which, many characters in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! attend.





Female Uniforms

Winter Uniform

Aino-winter uniform Hikawa-summer uniform

The winter and summer uniform

The winter uniform is made of two pieces. The shirt has a cream-like colour design, with dark red as its main theme. The sailor collar is dark red with a blue ribbon attached to it. It has a yellow badge with a green trim on the left side of the shirt with eight dark red buttons going down the middle. The sleeves are long with dark red cuffs. The skirt is pleated and dark red whilst the socks are dark blue with a dark red line near the top, and the shoes are maroon coloured.

Summer Uniform

The summer uniform looks almost identical to the winter uniform. The only difference is the top. Instead of wearing a long sleeved shirt with cream colour design, the girls now wear a short sleeved shirt. Like the winter version, the top is cream coloured, has a red sailor collar with a blue ribbon attached, as well as red trims and is buttoned with dark red buttons. It also shows a yellow badge with a green trim on the left side.

Male Uniforms

Character 02

Seiji in his winter uniform.

Winter Uniform

The winter uniform is made from two pieces suits with black as its main coloration. The tops has turtleneck collars with a white dress shirt underneath. At the bottom, there are half circle-shaped pockets on each sides. The shirt's has three buttons going down the left side and are gold. The bottoms are plain long pants. On the top left of the shirt, there is a yellow badge with a green trim.

Summer Uniform

Other Uniforms

Notable Students




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