Nozomi's Pinky Catch

The Pinky Catch (ピンキーキャッチュ Pinkī Kyacchu?) is a watch-like item that the main heroines in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 use. The Pinky Catch is the girls' transformation device, but it can also be used to catch and store the Pinkies. The Pinky Catches are given to the girls by the butterflies of Palmier Kingdom. However, they may only receive the Catch if they really desire to become a Pretty Cure.YPC505.


The Pinky Catch resembles a square watch on a lavender wristband. The frame is pale pink-white with a butterfly decoration on the lower right corner that has a colored heart on it, residing on a grey and silver design to match the coloring in the upper right corner. Decorating this is a small red stone surrounded by small pink shapes. The frame of the rectangle-shaped screen, and the heart on the butterfly matches the Cures theme color: Pink for Nozomi/Cure Dream, Red for Rin/Cure Rouge, Yellow for Urara/Cure Lemonade, Green for Komachi/Cure Mint, and Blue for Karen/Cure Aqua.


The primary usage of the Pinky Catch is to give the main heroines the ability to transform into Pretty Cure. Once they want to transform, the Pinky Catch opens and as soon as the girls shout "Pretty Cure Metamorphose!", the Pinky Catch will truly release its power. In addition, the Cures also require the Pink Catch's powers in order to perform their individual attacks.

Another important power of the Pinky Catch is to catch the lost Pinkies, which need to be collected to restore the power of the Dream Collet. In order to catch a stray Pinkie, the girls have to attract the Pinkies with their Catch. The Catch produces an instrument which Coco or Natts use to call out for the Pinkies, while the Cures are waving their Pinky Catch. Every Pinky Catch has their own special instrument. The Pinkies stored inside the Pinky Catch need to be transferred into the Dream Collet.


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