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Pisard (ピーサード Pīsādo?) (Pijard in the English dub) is the first villain in Futari wa Pretty Cure and under employ of the Dotsuku Zone. It is partly thanks to him that the girls are able to transform into Pretty Cure. He guards the green Prism Stone.



As a human, Pisard has long purple hair (though not as long as his true form) and blue eyes (hidden in one episode by sunglasses), which have been shown to return to their true color when he hypnotizes someone, such as the department store employee in episode 2FwPC02. He's thought to be very handsome, enough to amaze the main characters' homeroom teacher.

In his true form, Pisard has long white hair and lime- green eyes surrounded by red tattoos; he wears a red spandex suit with two red-striped shoulder guards and a caramel cape, and on his necklace, the green Prism Stone.


Pisard acts like an ordinary minion of the main villain, having no empathy or sympathy for innocent people, but is fearful and afraid of his leader's rage. It is shown that he thinks of himself extremely highly- indeed, when given one last chance to defeat Pretty Cure, upon taking Mipple from them, rather than destroying them, he returns Mipple to Honoka, intending to display his strength and quality to his fellow Dotsuku Zone members by fighting the Cures at their full strength.FwPC05.

His personality is slightly changed in the English dub. In this version, he is more focused in pride, and is shown to respect Pretty Cure's attempt to defeat him even though they are unable to transform at the time, while in the Japanese version he just wants to defeat them at their full power to show that he is the best.

Pisard does not go well with any of the others in the Dotsuku Zone, which may be because he is the weakest of them. However, he fears the Evil King and sometimes shows slight respect to Ilkubo.


Pisard is first seen walking through a crowd in his human form, when he senses Mepple moving past him. Following his energy to an amusement park, Pisard confronts Nagisa who is carrying Mepple and demands that they give up the Prism Stones. Conveniently, Yukishiro Honoka shows up carrying Mipple. Pisard uses this opportunity to seize Mepple while Nagisa is distracted, but is instantly thwarted after Nagisa bats Mepple away with her lacrosse stick. After he is recovered, Mepple and Mipple quickly instruct Nagisa and Honoka to change into Pretty Cure. After they transform, Pisard tries to best them in hand-to-hand combat, but is outclassed. Desperate, Pisard summons a Zakenna to possess a roller coaster, which is quickly defeated by Pretty Cure's finisher attack. Enraged, Pisard makes a hasty retreat back to the Dotsuku Zone.FwPC01

In another attempt to secure the Prism Stones, Pisard assumes a human disguise and purchases an ordinary vacuum cleaner, and hypnotizes the clerk so he can get it for free. He then summons a Zakenna to possess it and suck out the city's power supply in order to draw out Pretty Cure. Once they arrive, Pisard turns the Zakenna on them which manages to trap Cure Black on the sucking end, but Cure Black manages to free herself. Pisard quickly turns tail and flees the battle, but not before cutting a nearby elevator cable, sending the elevator plummeting down the shaft. Cure Black and Cure White leap into action just in time to save the elevator and finish off the vacuum cleaner Zakenna.FwPC02

Trying the tactic of getting closer to Pretty Cure, Pisard disguises himself as a human once again and assumes the identity of a teacher's aide. Once inside the school, he hypnotizes the girls' teacher and orders her to bring Nagisa before him in the school's gymnasium. When Nagisa realizes the teacher's aide is Pisard, a fierce fight ensues involving many objects strewn around the gymnasium which are possessed by a Zakenna. Pretty Cure defeats the Zakenna and rescues the teacher.FwPC03

His next appearance is at a museum, which is the same one that Nagisa and Honoka are visiting during a field trip. He begins to walk around the museum looking for the two girls, and uses his power to turn the patrons and students into statues, while hoping to find the girls and attempt to do the same to them, when the girls transform, however, he then summons a Zakenna, which begins to possess the statues and paintings. He then causes the statues in the room to be sucked up into a tornado, while he uses the tornado as a shield, stating that if the girls break the statues, that'd kill the people trapped inside. They then perform the Marble Screw, and Pisard retreats back into the Dotsuku Zone.FwPC04

Pisard is last given an ultimatum to destroy Cure Black and Cure White. He manages to separate the two girls to prevent them from transforming, and takes on the Cures himself. However, the girls ultimately defeat him with Marble Screw and shatter his pendant, and he returns to the darkness he is from. FwPC05


  • Pisard was the first general-class enemy in the entire series.
  • His defeat was the fastest in the entire seriesFwPC05, until Daigan from HUGtto! Pretty Cure surpassed it by only a few minutes.
  • His appearance is similar to that of the late actor and musician David Bowie, specifically to his Jareth the Goblin King costume. His appearance is actually a reference to traditional costumes worn by kabuki actors. His voice actor in the English dub further exemplifies the idea of Pisard being based on Bowie by giving him a strong British accent.
  • Pisard shares his voice actor with Toshioka Yuuto from Heartcatch Pretty Cure!


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