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Civilian Form PreCards

The PreCards (プリカード PuriKādo?) are the main collectable items of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. The cards have the ability to change their owner's appearance. It is said that when one gathers one of each PreCard, they will be granted one wish.

List of PreCards

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The PreCards are inserted into the PreChanMirror, or the Fortune Piano in Hikawa Iona's case, to transform the girls into Pretty Cure. If they use the PreCards while being transformed, they can change into their personal alternate forms, such as Cherry Flamenco (Cure Lovely) and Sherbet Ballet (Cure Princess).

Once every single of the PreCards are gathered, any wish can be granted to the one who has the item in their possession. Initially, Megumi desired to collect the cards in order to wish for her mother's health to improve. However, in episode 22, she, along with Hime give them to Iona in order to get her powers back after Phantom destroyed them.


The PreCards are clear cards with a hot pink striped border and bar coding. In the corner of most cards is a picture showing the category of the piece, as well as the character it’s from or for. The name rests at the bottom of the card. Each item of clothing has a specific border surrounding it as well.

The character cards aren't clear, and instead depict the character using it with a heart background to match her theme color, along with her name on the side.




PreCards in the anime