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Pretty Cure All Stars is a crossover trademark for the Pretty Cure series, but also refers to music and video compilations of Pretty Cure seasons. Fiction and merchandise that features Cures from various seasons together has been produced, including books, magazines, CD albums, trading cards, app games and toys.

For the Pretty Cure All Stars movies and shorts, merchandise was made in order to promote the movies and its DVD sales. The focus lies with soundtracks albums and movie singles.

Pretty Cure All Stars DVD and Blu-ray

Main Article: Pretty Cure All Stars DVD and Blu-ray

Every All Stars and Pretty Cure Stars trademarked movie had a DVD and a Blu-Ray release, respectively.

Main Article: Pretty Cure Music Video DVD and Blu-ray

Classical versions of various Pretty Cure songs were performed in concerts and were then released on DVD and Blu-Ray. Compilations of anime openings and endings were also brought out on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Miracle Lights

Main Article: Miracle Lights

The Miracle Lights (ミラクルライト Mirakuru Raito?) are small, magical lights used in various Pretty Cure movies to give the Pretty Cures special powers or revive their strength, and are handed out in theaters so that the audience can cheer on the Cures as well.

All Stars Movies - CD Releases

Theme Song Singles


Compilation Albums

Pretty Cure Colorful Collection

Movie Theme Song Collection

Opening/Ending Theme Collection

Vocal Best BOX


Mooks / Magazines

Febri's Pretty Cure 15th Anniversary Book

Main Article: Magazines

Several Pretty Cure themed magazines are notable for featuring Pretty Cure All Stars chibi style comics by Nia Rei (にあ・れい) and Hiro Kaneko (ひろ・かねこ). Those comics are then later often published in mooks (sturdier magazine books).

The magazine Febri published a special issue dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Pretty Cure. Aoyama Mitsuru's art and designs were published in it - Mr. Aoyama is the character designer and animation director of Pretty Cure All Stars movies from the Pretty Cure All Stars DX movie to Pretty Cure All Stars: Minna de Utau♪ Kiseki no Mahou!.






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