Pretty Cure Pia was an art book published in April 2011. It was released for the 10th movie release, Pretty Cure All Stars DX3. The book was limited edition beacuse of it having all the seiyuu's opinions on the Pretty Cure franchise.


Pretty Cure contents

The Pretty Cure Pia contents page.

  • Seiyuu Interviews
  • Story Introduction
  • Pretty Cure introduction
  • Director Otsuka Takashi Interview
  • Pretty Cure TV Series History
  • Pretty Cure movie Series History
  • Pretty Cure series Staff Interview
  • Pretty Cure All Stars Special Stage

The book has 112 pages, mainly with artwork. The Seiyuu interviews contain hand-drawn pictures of the cure they acted and the answer of a Pretty Cure cast question. The Pretty Cure introductions have synopsis of each season, including the prequels. Otsuka Takashi, the director for the Pretty Cure All Stars films also gives his opinion on the Pretty Cure franchise. The Pretty Cure Series history gives opinions of the numerous actors and crew from each season and initial reviews and comments of how successful the seasons were. Plus the series history contains original designs for the characters and character sheets. Each season also has its respective movie analysis. The staff have also commented on their experiences on working on one of Toei's most successful meta-series. The book also contains postcards and posters.



Season Synopsis

Pretty Cure Seasonal History


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