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It covers the anime series, characters, storylines, and other relevant material to the Pretty Cure series. Pretty Cure is the main term used in the series to describe a group of girls who can transform into warriors. In each season, there is a legend of warriors who will come to aid the world when it is in need, and stop an invasion of evil.

The franchise started in 2004 with Futari wa Pretty Cure. Since then, seventeen Pretty Cure seasons have been developed and aired. The currently airing season is called Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure, and has a nature/animals theme.

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Mofurun does not change into a device during the Cures' transformation and stays in her normal form instead. This was unique in merchandising as the mascot plush toy was also the transformation toy. The plush Mofurun toy was hugely popular in Japan and was the second most popular toy in 2016.

Mofurun's surprising popularity led to an increase in Mofurun merchandise, with exclusive merchandise such as a Mofurun LINE Sticker set being made. She is also the main mascot of Pretty Cure Connection Puzzlun and even in 2017, Mofurun receives special merchandise unlike other mascots.

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