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This page will act as a basic style guide for editing and creating articles. Aside from special cases, all the requirements and rules found on this page must be followed.

Pretty Cure is Pretty Cure, neither Precure nor PreCure

This was the first official translation of the word "Precure", which was long revealed to be a simplified version of "Pretty Cure". While they have gone back to their words in the recent years, Pretty Cure is still the official translation and shall be used whenever mentioned in articles and used as article titles. Editors do not need to follow this rule in talk pages or forums, but when writing articles, this rule is applied.

Follow the official title

If a season or a media's title includes a music note, exclamation mark or stars, the article title will use them if they are found and it is possible to copy and paste them. While this means extra work when linking said articles, it is to follow the title given.

Japanese titles of seasons, games, movies, characters shall remain untranslated


If a movie is titled Futari wa Purikyua: Kibou no Mizu, it would be translated to "We Two are Pretty Cure: Water of Hope". However, there are so many varities of the translations, others might think it is "Futari wa Pretty Cure: Hope Water", "We Are PreCure: Hope's Water", etc.

The reason behind this is the many varieties of translations. This is even worse with the actual Pretty Cure movie subtitles, that are longer and not that simple and can have a variety of translations (take Pretty Cure All Stars DX as an example; the first movie had such a wide variety of possibilities that either did not make sense in English but was correct translation or made sense in English but was not a direct translation).

If we were to use translated subtitles as article titles, we would have to come with a ridiculous amount of redirects, and even then it would be complicated if we decided to change the article title to another translation, thus changing all the redirects, too. It is much easier to just using the Japanese versions to avoid these un-needed troubles.

If a full name is officially in the Japanese order (*family name* *given name*), it shall follow said order

A girl born and raised in Japan is named Misumi Nagisa there. If she had been in a European or American country, people would refer to her as Nagisa Misumi, because that is how we do it here. However, in this wiki, she will be named Misumi Nagisa regardless of the wiki's language, and her article title will be named as such, as well as other times her full name is written.

Most of the directors, voice actors/actresses, artists and others are Japanese and have Japanese names. As such, they will follow the same pattern by having their family name first, followed by their given name.

Leaks/Unrevealed Spoilers Policy

Due to the leaks and spoilers regarding the current season, some users doesn't want to be spoiled until it's officially revealed. Please do not add spoilers/leaks to the pages that isn't officially revealed by Toei. Breaking this rule will result with a warning message on your wall, repeated offensives will get you blocked per our blocking system.

However, you are free to post unrevealed spoilers and leaks in Discussions. Just make sure that the post states it's an leak/unrevealed spoiler.

Trivia Policy

Recently we had a lot of trouble with people adding unnecessary trivia, especially on character pages. The rules for trivia are:

  1. It shouldn't be obvious.
  2. Behind the scenes stuff about the development of a character or a show or their reception is the most interesting. Include sources.
  3. No comparisons with other shows based on superficial stuff. Actual references are fine but because a Cure character has the same hair colour as an Aikatsu! character doesn't mean there's any relation.
  4. No outright speculation.

Look at the rules and remove uninteresting trivia from character and episode pages to help keep the wiki clean. Only add trivia if they follow the above rules. In the first place, please focus on different aspects of articles instead of trivia first.