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Prince Zeke (ジーク王子 Jīku Ōji?) is a movie-exclusive character from Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!: Ningyou no Kuni no Ballerina. He is revealed to be one of Tsumugi's collection of dolls.


Zeke is known for his dark blonde, neck-length hair, forming a peekaboo bang on his left eye; and cyan eyes. He has a handsome and royal appearance, sporting a white, sleek, long-sleeved top with a dark velvet bow tie, platinum gloves, blue pants, and dark gray shoes. He wields a sword with a brown-and-gold cover and a matching scabbard.


Prince Zeke, along with other dolls came to life in a fictional Doll Kingdom created by Black Fang for Tsumugi.

Zeke introduced himself to the Cures, who have arrived at the Doll Kingdom before Hime develops an instant crush on him.

With a bundle of man-made Saiarks, Prince Zeke attempts to attack Cure Princess for Tsumugi's sake and reveals the true past that he is one of Tsumugi's dolls, shattering Princess's love relationship between her and him.

After the Cures return, Zeke learns that Black Fang is the one who secretly numbed her legs with invisible lockets and sacrificed himself, along with the doll residents, to fight for her happiness.


Prince Zeke is quite elegant and charming and also serves to be loyal towards Tsumugi. Because of his loyalty, he cares deeply for her.


  • Orihara Tsumugi: She cares about Zeke the most. Zeke and the others created the Doll Kingdom to make Tsumugi happy again.
  • Shirayuki Hime: She's the one who creates a love interest with him. However, he revealed that he is a doll that Tsumugi cared for the most, making her love life destroyed. For Tsumugi's sake, he had no interest in Hime.





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