Princess Candle

The Princess Candle (プリンセスキャンドル Purinsesu Kyandoru?) (Princess Wand in Glitter Force) is the Smile Cures' main weapon appearing in the episode 23 of the series.


The Princess Candle serves as a weapon for the Cures to perform their secondary group attack, Rainbow Burst while in Princess Form. To use this object, the Pretty Cures must have strong feelings before the Smile Pact glows to summon it. With them and the Royal Clock, they can also perform their third group attack, Royal Rainbow Burst.


A white scepter-like sword with a pale pink curving handle on each side to form a heart. On top of the hand portion is a fuchsia and white bow with a heart design in the center, where Cure Decor can be inserted. Turned to the side is a Pegasus figure with a single large wing that has a gold and pink gem attached to it. A spiraling wand rests on top of the uniforn with tiny gems coming in a rainbow of colors is at the middle. On top of the wand is a gold calyx connected to a gem sphere shaped like a small flame. It glows the color of the Cure wielding it.



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